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McDonogh 35 College Preparatory High School Reviews

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Since I have been at McDonogh 35 I have had 4 different principal. Also I have been here since 8th grade and I’m currently a senior and the culture of the school has change completely. We use of be a family and I wish that continues . The family aspect has changed here. You use to look at the staff as your mother or father . You would be about to ask and go them whenever you need to but now you can’t because no one knows anyone
I liked the new building. However, the school wasn't organized which caused a lot of issues. My advice is stay on top of making sure you have everything before you graduate.
I liked the relationships I grew overtime, if i was to change something about the school will be to treat students with kindness and exciting school and learning days.
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My experience at McDonogh 35 High School was very fun. This school has a lot of school culture and excitement. My high school years went by really quick but these were the best years. Our pep rally's were very fun and here i made a lot of new friends and then i also lost a lot of friends. I am a fun person and my school is very fun. My first year here was my best year because then i meant all the people who i am close with now.
I think my school is a good first choice for upcoming students. I have learned a lot since when i first started. My teachers have taught me a lot. I have made a lot of new and great friends. I play basketball and i joined the band. I played tenor drum and it was lots of fun. I also played flag football and we won the championship. My favorite subject is English because i love to read and write. This year is my last year and im sad because i know im going to miss coming to 35. It was a fun high school experience and im glad i chose this as my high school.
I like the friends I made and the things I’ve learned . I will keep these bonds for the rest of my life . It taught me how to be a team player through the sports I’ve played and activities I’ve joined . It’s taught me to never give up because when my grades were bad teachers still stuck with me to make sure I got my stuff together to pass , and so that I can graduate in May as class of 2020. It’s taught me time management and certain skills I need for the real world . I will never forget McDonogh 35 when I graduate , I will always bleed Maroon and gold , and be a roneagle for life
I've been here since 7th grade the teachers and staff has always has the care and concern about our study activites and growth throught out the years. I do continue to see my school grown into what i hope would be on the the best school to come. More outside activities and travel for students opportunites.
My experience at McDonogh 35 was different. They didn’t just teach us they made sure that we learn the basics of life. I graduated #5 in my class out 200 kids and I always was taught to never give up. Only thing I would change about McDonogh 35 is that it spends a lot of time focusing on sports instead of education most times.
The school has a rich history and the alumni are amazing. The thing is the current state of the school is not school due to politics. But we are rebuilding and we are on a solid pathway to becoming a bigger an better school.
I would like to see a change in the result of my high school. We shouldn’t be changed to a charter and lose our history.
I love the hands on experience with my administration and teachers at McDonogh 35. Also I love the student's involvement in certain say- so's when it comes to most of the decisions the school makes. Somethings I would like to see change is stability with teachers and administration and more rewards for scholars.
What I like about McDonogh 35 Colllege Preparatory High School is the teachers and how they kept one part of the culture alive and the fact that they making new rules is great mostly because every one wasn't listening to the old ones but one thing that I dislike is that we only have one lunch and so little time that most of us don't really get to eat and when ever we get to eat they run out of food.
I went here for 3 years. In my years I’ve learned that the school is pretty much average. The longer I’ve been there the more it declined for me, but I’ve been to worse schools so it didn’t matter to much. I can at least say I enjoyed my time at the school.
Mcdonogh 35 is considered an historic school. I love the fun I use to have when going there. You can meet some cool people. I just wish the school prepared me more for college. Also academic wise it was not the best. Eventhough i was a top 20 student getting in to collge i didnt feel that way. They really didnt prepare me for the ACT, which i tried my hardest to make above a 21.
I can honestly say that I feel like I've been able to receive the full high school experience at Mcdonogh 35. It has prepared me for the "real world".
I've been attending mc donogh 35 high school since i was in the 7th grade i am now a senior in highschool , there have been so many changes within the school since then i would like to see a faculty and staff that's loyal and consistent i would like to see teaching and learning i want mc donogh 35 to go back the way it was.
At Mcdonogh 35 was an awesome experience. the school pride was just great an the academics was just right.
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The teachers care about the students education. The administration faculty is understanding, the sports are outstanding, and the students are kind, fun and respectful. Coming from a alum like myself, this school is great.
I had a great a time going to McDonogh 35 Senior High School. I manage to graduate a year early thanks to 35. They gave us 9th credits in 8th. I graduate at 16 years old from 35. The teachers was always there to help if you was willing to participate. I also march in the band and sung in the quoir. McFonogh 35 is a good school.
McDonogh #35 is not the way it used to be . I have classes that I haven't even heard of before , teachers are leaving because of i organization ,& the school doesn't really try to get the students interested in learning .
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