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McDonell Central Catholic High School Reviews

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I liked that it was a small school, and I made friends that are very close and will last a lifetime. Another benefit of being a small school is that teachers were helpful and very personal. I also had great experiences in sports throughout my four years.
I am a recent graduate of McDonell. During my time there it was a very welcoming community. The teachers there are fantastic. They go above and beyond we in comes to helping students learn whether they are too of the class or stuggleing. I would recommend this school to anyone who asks.
Very Catholic teachers and school life surrounding around prayer and service. We have amazing teachers and classes, all of then have at least a masters degree in their subject and they know what they teach. Our athletic departments are small, but some of the leading in our division and have great coaches ane helpers. Unfortunetly, we are a small school, so we have very few clubs and we have to combine with other schools for some sports, though. The music program has amazing teachers that work hard and help each individual student, which is amazing. We also have a top band and choir, but no orchastra. The envirenent is hard because it is so small and it takes awhile for new students to fit in, but once you do, you are there forever. We are a small community where everyone knows everyone and we suffer and celebrate together.
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McDonell Central High School is a great school for students and/or parents of students seeking a better education as well as participation in Catholicism. The faculty is very hard-working and makes sure to prepare you for higher education.
The poeple and staff here all want to see you succeed, and it's a very welcoming environment to be a part of. You truly feel like one big family. The technology is a bit outdated, and the wifi only works in certain areas of the school. Some small issues are present in the student experience, but I feel that my education from McDonell has been above and beyond typical expectations.
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