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In my opinion McDonald High School is an amazing school to be apart of. In this school everyone looks out for each other. The school partakes in projects in order to help our community, an example of this is positive impact day which we do every other year. All of the teachers look out for the students and have their best interest at heart. In conclusion, McDonald High School is a positive, heart filled school which I am glad to be a part of.
My experience at McDonald has been excellent. The teaching staff has been great, along with our principal he is an amazing and caring person. There curriculum is very good as well. The classes we take always get us college ready. I would highly recommend McDonald high school.
McDonald high school does nothing to prepare you for college. There are about 2 AP classes offered in the entire school and are only offered to seniors. The teachers do not care if you understand a subject, but rather how you do on their SLO test.
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The teachers are very nice and helpful. I would say that they need more diversity in the school. They also need a cafeteria at the High School so that the upper classmen can eat in school.
My overall experience with McDonald High School was a good one. They offer many different classes that help students prepare for college. It is also located in a small and safe community.
Class size is small, which makes it nice. Everyone goes home for lunch, which I love. It's a clean air comditioned building. The cross country and track couches are awesome. I don't like that there is a lot of politics with the teachers and principal.
I like that McDonald is small. Because of the size, it's possible for the teachers to spend more time with individual students. The teachers are very helpful and understanding to your needs. There also is equal amount of attention given to the athletics, the arts, and the academics.
Clubs include Spanish Club, Yearbook, McDonald Student Volunteers, Student Council, National Honor Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Art Club, Math Club and Drama Club. Almost all of the clubs have weekly meetings. Most of these have lunch meetings or after school meetings. They are all run by teachers in the school.
One thing I love about McDonald High School is how they participate in Positive Impact Day. Positive Impact Day is one day dedicated to helping the environment by cleaning the village up, gardening, and making the village its best. It's a great experience because it brings all of the students together and shows them how to work as a team. It allows you to work with different grade levels and become more involved with the school. I would choose this school over again because it's such a small community. Everyone knows each other so it leads to everyone being close.
McDonald High School puts the main focus on schooling of course, but also puts a emphasis on sports to show the same support and enthusiasm for people who aren't as academically based. They make everyone feel welcomed and themselves. They don't judge you for your upbringing. If I ever have kids of my own, I would definitely send them to McDonald High School.
It is a small school system that does not really have a need or have the student body size for lots of clubs or activities. Most student participate in team sports and excellent in academics and athletics
This school is very unique in the fact that it incorporates both education and athletics into the development of well rounded students. Parents and teachers both want to see the students achieve at the highest level and greatness is expected but not demanded. It seems like everyone is working toward the same goal and is trying to achieve it. Nobody is forced to do anything, they do it themselves with confidence and rise to the expectation
Most teachers are very good at what they do and care about their students. Most use different methods of teaching to engage students and their interest.
We have the same teachers for several subjects and they are not the best at teaching all the subjects
I see Student as well as myself get bullied because of being a single mom
As a single teenage parent other students as well as some teachers give me a hard time, I am going to attend Nursing school in Fall and can't wait to shoe them all.
I am greatly enjoying my time at school
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Not a wide range of subjects available for electives
Teachers are challenge students and are engaging
There are only a moderate number of available clubs since the school is small
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