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The teachers at the high school are top-notch. They take the time to help the students understand what the learn and push the students to work hard. They also work hard to improve on the education experience the students have now, so students who attend the school in later years have the best expirience possible.
The teachers are very good at what they do & get to know their students to find what they need. It is a positive environment overall. The school has made many improvements to benefit the student body.
McDonald County is not only the foundation for stepping out into the world, but the place where you can call home forever. Not just the school but the district is like a family to me. They support your goals and give you the confidence and encouragement needed to make dreams become a reality. You will never forget your experience here or the people who made the impossible possible. Not to mention the enthusiastic teachers, administration, coaches, and janitors who bring joy to school days and who will always care for you in the future after you leave. I will always be proud to be a mustang and will cherish every memory I made there.
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I went to high school here. I really enjoyed my experience, but it's a poor and rural area, and that it reflected in the education that students receive.
Even though McDonald County High School is a small school, it has a feeling of family. The teachers and administration are very friendly and interested in your child's academics.
I went to McDonald County for all of my high school years. It was a great school. The teachers were great and encouraging. I always felt comfortable going to school. I learned a lot from all of my different courses. I took advantage of the dual credit courses and got several credit hours for college. The school was very diverse and there were many different cultures.
I love how accepting we are to new students and new teachers. I feel like our academics is really high in the boards. However, I don't feel like we have enough resources to pursue college knowledge.
The teachers are great, they are caring and helpful. The counselors give great information and resources. My overall experiences at McDonald County have been great.
The teachers and staff at McDonald County High School are mostly friendly. Many teachers push the students to the greatest they can be. Homework can be a hassle at times, but is very manageable. We have just the right amount of AP, advanced, and college classes. Sometimes classes can interfere, like having two AP classes in the same block, forcing thay student to choose between the two.
McDonald County High School has a high quantity of farmers. Most of our students work on farms or in factories. The diversity at our school is quite big. Most of the students are exceptable of the sexual orientations or their peers. Peer pressure isn't too big, but there has been some cases. Almost all of the students are involved in something.
We have many clubs and group activities here at McDonald County High School. Some clubs are International Club, Library Club, Band, Basketball, Baseball, Drama, FFA, FCA, SkillsUSA, Student Council, Football, Soccer, Softball, Wrestling, Cheer, Gifted Program/Tips, and Debate. Most of our clubs require a high level of commitment such as cheer and band. There are also many booster groups like Band Boosters. Most students at my high scool are involved in 1-2 groups and some of them are involved in much more. In my opinion, the funnest of the groups is band. I am the band manager at my high school. The McDonald County High School Band is one big family and is full of amazing students.
In McDonald County High School, you will discover we have the best pride for miles around. My favorite experience was when my high school had its basketball homecoming and we were playing against our rivals, Neosho High School. There was nearly 2000 people in our gym. The score was tied 57-57 and our team had the ball. One of the best senior players ran the ball down the court and he went up for a layup, 10 seconds left on the clock. He missed so our center grabbed the ball, there was only 2 seconds left and he went up for a layup. The ball was in the air when the buzzer rang. It went in and all of the kids and parents from McDonald County High School cheered and hugge. The Mustang Pride is one of the best qualities of McDonald County High School.
The teachers at McDonald County High School are very intreactive woth the students. Most of the teachers are leaders or co-leaders of multiple clubs. Many of the teachers who are coaches also teach core classes such as history, math, and English. The teachers at my school work very hard to help those students who are struggling. Teachers have a wonderful relationship with their students.
This school was definitely pretty good. It is a fairly small school and it has many opportunities for one on one teaching due to a small amount of students. Some of my favorite experiences has been with the band we have at our school. We have a very dedicated band and they are always thinking of new ways to do field shows of just cheer on our sports teams. I love how dedicated our students are to our sports teams which in turn made my high school experience so much better. I would want to choose this school again because of the amazing one on one time I received in school. The teachers also took time when I was having personal struggles to help me through those as well.
The teachers in general have a concern for the students. There a few teachers who do not care at all about the students though and also do not have any regard for suggestions from students or fellow teachers. The rest of the teachers go above and beyond to make shur that the students understand and that they are not falling behind. They will do after school and even come in before school to allow for times to ask about the homework or come and get more help. Some teachers even go as far as assigning a group chat to allow you to ask questions whenever you need to ask them. Most teachers have a similar grading system and whether good or bad they are all consistent and give a rubric on grading at the beginning of the school year. The teachers are all very well versed in their subjects and can generally explain all parts of their assigned topic very well.
We have an on campus cop in case of any sudden intruders or if a student gets out of hand we also have a school nurse always on staff. our school just replaces all the security systems and redid the front locks on the doors for protections to keep intruders out of the building the best way they know possible.
We have multiple different type of extracurricular activities. No matter how ruff of a season one of them is having the administation, student body, and comunity is always standing beside them suporting them through every step of the way. The stand are always loud and full which makes it a blast.
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WIth beinng high active within the school I would do it all over again. My high school taught me some valuable life lessons. For example, how to stand up for my self and others, how to be a great leader and tim management. Without my sports and advanced classes I do not feel that I would have achieved these great attrabutes.
All of the teachers had their own unique way of teaching, however, if a sutdent did not under the material they were able to alter their ways and make it more understanable for everyone to grasp the concept. This make the quality and vaule of our teacher increase we could not have asked for better teaches at our high school
For some reason the music teacher also glares when I walk past the music room, which is admittedly a little awkward seeing as the music room is in the main hallway. Maybe she gives everyone that look; I don't know.
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