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I love McCutcheon High School! The atmosphere is amazing and it has been a wonderful place for me to learn and grow as a student and young adult. I am extremely proud to be apart of the community there.
McCutcheon is a very good school for sports; however, it lacks in academics. I am involved in various club and some of the most advanced classes, but even these classes do not prepare students for the future.
Good high school in the county. Has lots of programs for agriculture and automotive interest. Lots of different sports teams to be apart of.
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Mccutcheon is a great school for the average student but most of the honors and AP classes are not as challenging as they should be. On the other hand, Mccutcheon offers great sports and a wide variety of clubs. There are new clubs being formed every year! For example, there is the trap club, fantasy football and many others. As for the sports, Mccutcheon has a new turf field. This field looks great but it just shows how the school values sports above the arts. The auditorium at Mccutcheon is god awful with broken curtains, asbestos and breaking chairs. The administration has a clear preference towards athletes so if you don't play a sport then they probably wont know you exist.
Overall the school environment is well maintain, in all expects. They do their best to make everyone feel welcomed. Mccutcheon does have a Friends Of Rachel Club,FOR club, that does some pretty great things around the school. The stuff show a lot of care for the students. Many of the teachers I have had in the past try to do the best they can, in any way possible, to help us understand all of the materials
McCutcheon High School became my second home. From the many different, all-inclusive clubs, amazing sports programs, and the wonderful staff, those four years were the best times of my life. I definitely made life long friends, and I wouldn’t have wanted to go to high school anywhere else.
For the most part, it was good. I really enjoyed the classes I took. All of the students are socially friendly to everyone no matter who they are or what they look like.
My experience at McCutcheon has been a learning experience. I have had the opportunity to learn how to behave in the real world and what to expect. The staff is very nice and supportive. They strive for a better school by making anonymize surveys to see what they can improve. I feel that this has made an impact on the improvement on my school. I feel very safe and accomplished when I think about going to school. I know that I am not the only one that wakes up looking foward to go to school.
I love the fact that the administrators are so involved with us. They can greet me by my first name, know the activities I'm involved with and are just very welcoming.
I have had a great four years at McCutcheon High School. I have participated in varsity soccer and business club and enjoyed my time in these activities. McCutcheon is a very clean and safe school with good teachers and a strong supporting administrative staff. McCutcheon is constantly expanding and improving to provide a better academic and athletic experience.
McCutcheon claims to have a very good anti-bullying system, but in reality there is a terrible amount of bullying especially to kids with anxiety and/or depression problems. They are good at working with IEP's and people who are dealing with health issues. They have had some difficulty with administration and lots of rumors going around.
I have attended McCutcheon for four years. Throughout those four years I have been apart of a wonderful school atmosphere. They like to base McCutcheon off of school pride and education. The school is filled with teachers who care about the students and a wonderful principal who takes pride in his everyday job. I would change a few things about McCutcheon, we do a good job on trying to include everyone, but sometimes I feel we do not do enough. Although we do our best to recognize and support clubs and sports that usually get overlooked such as pep band, swimming, color guard, and choir it seems like the students could do a better job supporting each other. Overall the school is amazing and I have thoroughly enjoyed my four years here.
I enjoy the community feel of McCutcheon. Everybody knows everybody and you really feel involved no matter what you do. McCutcheon is like a second home to me.
Throughout my four years at McCutcheon High School, I have always felt included, safe, and proud to be a Maverick. Although I have had a few unpleasant teachers, I do believe that the staff here at McCutcheon has helped instill confidence in myself that I did not have walking into this school 4 years ago. I also would like to comment on the huge amount of personal growth I have had over the duration of my time at this school. One thing i would change, however, is the amount of time the counselors spend with the students is juniors and seniors, helping them to better understand the college application process. I know that many of my close friends still had many questions that were not answered by the counselors. Overall, I couldn't be more excited for my future, and I thank McCutcheon for that.
McCutcheon High School is full of great teachers that care about their students. McCutcheon is full of school spirit from students and teachers.
I felt that the teachers really cared about our success. If you wanted to be successful, you had to really try. Most students expected everything to be handed to them and then they wonder why they are not doing well in their classes. I enjoyed the math, science, and art teachers during my time at McCutcheon.
I enjoyed that they had many different clubs and activities for students to get involved in. The Freshman Success Center was very helpful for students and gave freshman a place to focus and learn. I appreciated the teachers who worked with this group of freshman, as they were very calm, understanding, and helpful.
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The soccer program is amazing. Every athletic program here is amazing. The coaching staff is more than helpful with helping students achieve greatness on and of the field/court/track. Not only do the coaches further the skills and abilities of the athletes physical traits, they help with the mental game to. They help students with school and maintaining grades.

another great thing this school provides, is help. The staff here is amazing with providing the help you need in every subject! Falling behind and not understanding can only happen if you don't ask for help. All the services here are provided!
I love all my teachers. They really care about their students. There are so many things that you can do. There are plenty of clubs, and those who can't find one they like can make their own! The food definitely has room for improvement though.
McCutcheon High School has a wide variety of courses to choose from, plus the usual courses that any high school offers. Most of the teachers that I have had throughout my high school experience have shown great interest in the subject that they teach. They provide encouragement to do well along with enlightenment to engage their students. McCutcheon has added more clubs for students to participate in, many of them being run by students themselves. McCutcheon definitely has school spirit. The football games have the best turnouts, along with basketball games, especially when we play our rival William Henry Harrison High School. I would say that the other sports didn't receive much of a crowd from the students until recently. Our sports teams vary from year to year, but overall I would say McCutcheon's sports teams are good. McCutcheon will be getting turf fields sometime soon. Their food sucks.
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