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At this school you are very safe. There is no bullying or physical fights. Everyone here gets along even the teachers, I say this school is the best and is full of very smart and accomplishing students.
I am not sure of any extracurricular activities here because I just started going to this school.
This school is the best! Last week on April 5, 2016 we went on a field trip to Adams State in Alamosa CO. and it was so fun and interesting. The school does their best for our education and I love this school.
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The teachers at this school are very nice and understanding. They are helpful and their teaching is understanding, if we don't understand they explain how ever they can. Their teaching styles are great and they all get along with every student. There is no problems with any of the teachers, this school to me is the best.
security guards and teen center on campus to answer and questions
attend dail masses and teach kids about faith and God
the teachers are excellant and loves all the students
very patient and understandind with all students. A+
The procedures at the school were very well thought out, but the fact that the school was relatively small to other schools, it was easier to promote to the smaller population of students. The principal knew every students and the all the teachers knew almost every student as well.
The resources at the school were relatively decent compared to other schools in the community, but still not top notch material. The technology lacked and the teachers knowledge of technology lacked tremendously. Their were two counselors at the time I was at school and both were very helpful to students. Tutoring was sometimes helpful depending on the teacher involved in providing the services. Overall money was scarce and resources were somewhat limited, so we had to accept what it was that we had.
The school activities were very limited due to the financial situation of the private school institutional system. Money was scarce at times and the enrollment decreased constantly because of tuition spikes. Clubs were short handed because of the small population of students, and the fact that most students were in sports, and this was priority after educational pursuits. Clubs were very limited because most people wouldn't join or had no interest in joining.
Some of the teachers were very qualified for their positions. Others were very under qualified and it showed in the manner in which they taught and the knowledge that was obtained by the students. Students could have benefitted tremendously from more knowledgeable and engaging teachers, whose priorities were primarily to help the students succeed in their future educational pursuits.
The school created an environment where everybody knew everybody, and people were always willing to help one another. Their was a religious affiliation at one point and created a sense of morals with the students that attended. Experiences gained from attending this school ranged from meeting new people and creating morals that would last a lifetime. I would attend this school again for those reasons.
The school prepared with a religious background to hang my hat on, but the educational system lacked in key areas, such as science and math. The one downfall was the funding for the school came from tuition from parents and therefore, because it was a private institution, the money was sometimes limited. In recent years the school has become a charter school due to these financial situations.
McCurdy was very well administered, in the sense of teaching respectability, which was demonstrated by the students to others in the community and one another at school.
Limited choices of food, but still well enough to eat.
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