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McCurdy has come a long way. They have been through many trials but they are making up for it and cleaning up the mess from last years administration. Still lacking a few teachers. One area I would like to see improvement on is the clubs and activities. Maybe add in some foreign language classes or take some responses from students to see what fits everyone’s liking. It is a very great school through and through. I would recommend this school to any parent or student.
The new school has made a great impact in the students life. They have taken the great teachers away. There is a Dean of students who Cleary doesn't know what she is doing. The rest of the new staff isn't doing to good. If someone where to inspect the school and what it goes through it would most likely fail.
I've been going to McCurdy since preschool. I've really enjoyed it. I've had great teachers and friends. I really like about my school is the school spirit. For any sports game, parents, student and faculty all come to watch and cheer on the team. Sports is what makes our school really great and it's helped me make a lot of friends through out the years. I think we could improve some of the staff because we have had a lot of teachers leave us and administrators leave. So I think we could try hiring people who are willing to stay. As of right now though we do have great teachers who have stayed with us over the years so the staff has improved a lot.
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McCurdy has been a safe haven for me. When I come here I feel like I can be me and not be judged. This school and it's staff has made me realize that i can do anything in life. The teachers make sure we are understanding and they form a bond with us to make sure we are safe. Coming here I have become determined to go into the field of medicine and become a cardio-thoracic surgeon.
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