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McCullough Junior High School Reviews

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The McCullough Junior High School is a very good high school and has good education, great sports, arts and a great community. I highly higly highly recommend this school.
Fun and a great experience! Lunch was great and you had advisory everyday to work on homework or get help from your teachers. There were a lot of people there to chose from, so most everyone had at least one friend. There was no bullying tolerated and if you were getting picked on, you could anonymously to a line called kid chat and tell them what you were having problems with (even though I never had any problems there). Overall, it was a great school !
High focus on both education and extracurricular activities of all kinds. Aside from it being an incredibly full school (1,800 students in each 7th and 8th grade), it has everything that a small college has to offer.
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This school is run near perfectly. The administration is fantastic and while it’s somewhat strict, it’s the appropriate measures for middle school students. Academics are great as well as school activities and athletics. The food, is well, eh but the facilities (including the cafeteria) are nice. Some of my favorite teachers ever (shout to my 8th grade english teacher!!) we’re from McCullough. Overall a great middle school !!
Overall McCullough is a very good school. Academics are above average and parent involvement is exceptionally high. Sports are taken seriously and the school is very competitive. The teachers for the most part are very good with a few exceptions. The orchestra program is outstanding. The food in the cafeteria is deplorable. My child will not eat lunch or get a cookie if she forgot to bring lunch from home. The school day is pretty long. School starts at 8;55am and lets out at 3:55pm. Kids don't get home and off of the bus until 4:40 due to the distance covered by the school and the size of the school and number of buses. The kids get an abundance of homework and have no time to relax or just be kids. While strong academics are important, a better balance would be preferable. Stress and sleep deprivation during the formative years contribute to increased pressure and stress in high school and beyond.
Overall, it will end you at an education where you can graduate high school. Teachers are meh, and the workload is ok. The curriculum is AWFUL.
There are options for people who have the time. There is little to no chance of getting on a sports team unless you've been playing for a long time, the exception being football. This school has many football teams.
Overall, the school isn't bad. But it isn't great either.
The teachers here, or at least the ones I've had, don't put a lot of effort into teaching.
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