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McCreary Central High School Reviews

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McCreary central high school is the only high school in the area. The school itself offers great courses for students who are wanting to go into the medical field. Dual credit classes are also offered here for students who are looking for an academic challenged and are college bound. The only downside to this school is the lack of diversity.
McCreary Central High School has helped me succeed in more ways then one. The teachers are really involved with their students and making sure they are on top of their game. The change I wish to see is funding. Many organizations are lacking in funding and are unable to do as good as they would if they had the correct amount of funding.
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Lots of clubs are offered and there are many vocational courses available as elected, but not all teachers are quality.
The teachers worked very hard if you are willing to work with them. I didn’t like that if you gave up it seems like they would give up as well.
I love it. Besides the drama it would be a perfect school. The sports are pretty good to. I don't play any sports but there teams are great. There clubs and classes are great to. I love jrotc and some of there clubs.
McCreary Central High School is a place many will call home for four years. You will see the same people everyday, which seems like forever if you are there long enough. The teachers will go out of their way to help you, but they do not necessarily have the best plans for assignments and such. Majority give busy work with no real meaning. Our school lacks culture, unless being a “ county boy” is classified as culture. There is what seems to be no diversity amoungst the students that attend, which is sad.
I’m currently a senior in high school and I love the fact that each grade level gets the chance to be apart of spirit week! Which is great for all grades because it brings everyone together for school spirit. Another thing I love about our school is students with a GPA 3.2 and above get rewarded for it and also for attendance which greatly appreciates students at McCreary Central! Their HOSA club helped me through a lot academic and education wise and I’m proud to say that McCreary Central try’s their hardest to make every student happy and comfortable in any way possible.
No diversity at all. Rude staff and teachers. very poor academic content. all white rednecks. untrustworthy teachers. very stuck up students
What I like most about McCreary Central High School is how the teachers work so hard to prepare students for college. They're hard on their students when it comes to focusing and working hard, which is great. One thing I would like to see change is the dress code. We are no longer allowed to wear comfortable clothes such as leggings and sweatpants, due to them being "distracting". They do not enforce dress code rules on the boys, only the girls. Boys walk around with cut off shirts, but it's a crime for a girl to wear a "cold shoulder" top. If our shoulders distract the boys that much, their needs to be a class taught to boys on how to contain themselves.
McCreary Central highschool is, in my opinion, the single greatest public school. Since I go to a public school, each individual gets to experience multiple ethnicities everyday. We have kids from multiple different countries through the student exchange program and we are estatic to learn their various cultures. We are a distinguished, diverse, extravagant school and we welcome all new students with open arms. The teachers at McCreary Central are the friendliest teachers you will meet. They have a job to get done, and they do it well, but hey are still so caring with each student. Our two college coaches do their best to make sure every student that walks through their door gets the best oppertunity, after highschool, to go to the best college they can.
All McCreary Central has turned into is a place for people to come and complain about their political beliefs and learn the same thing over and over again every year. Like that last review by the triggered sophomore SJW, those are the people that pretty much make this school terrible to go to other than the incompetent teachers and how this school spends every dime on basketball or luxuries for teachers rather than providing clubs or anything else.
I had no issues with this high school. My only suggestion would be to offer JROTC as a Career and Technical class, as it is in other schools in the district.
So far my experience at MC has been... not the best. The teachers really could have taught us more and put more enthusiasm into their work to help students be just as enthusiastic about it and willing to learn.
I wish the teachers were better quality and their teaching methods were more adapted to all types of learners.
McCreary Central is terrible palce to learn. Where not only is there excessive bullying among the students teachers also participate in it. It isn't not at all a safe environment
My experience has been limited in this school because I have yet to graduate, but my overall experience so far has been pretty decent with an average education, low diversity, a very high amount of clubs and activities, high safety, yet low college readiness. Overall I would recommend this school to anyone located in the surrounding low-income area. Given the assistance and lack thereof, I believe this school has done the best that it can. This school has given and I believe will give me an excellent high school experience.
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This school is great, great teachers, good programs, and decent food. I've loved my experience here. However there is one thing that i haven't enjoyed and that is our superintendent. He has turned a democracy into a dictatorship. He punishes teachers for punishing his son, even though his soon is a rogue troublemaker and an overall rude human being. Because of his son the whole school has to be punished for his behavior. Before they rose to power, this was a great school but now it's unbearable.
If you're looking for a place to enjoy conservative propaganda, you've found your school! (That was a joke...kind of) This school has low diversity and is greatly populated by republican, Caucasian, 'hill-billies'. There are some aspects of this school that aren't all that bad. I would venture to say about 20% of the students and staff are respectable people. Groups like the drama club, engineering club, and band are a few of the communities who know how to act. While it is not a good school, I can say that going here has taught me a lot of things - just not academic material.
Overall a good school. I felt like I was genuinely cared about by my principal. However, I didn't really feel like I could always seek help. The counselor was not so professional, and made little time for me. The school is very clean and is a generally good environment.
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