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Mccracken County High School Reviews

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More relaxed environment. School is very set on rules and tends to be a little over the top. Good environment overall although days are too long.
I enjoyed my time at McCracken but I would have liked to have been given more dual credit opportunities.
The school being so big means you barely have the chance to make good connections with teachers, fellow students and the principle. Starting from a small school moving to a school with going on 2000+ by the time I graduated meant I barely even knew a third of my graduating class I had just spent 4 years of my life around.
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McCracken offers a wide range of classes. It fits everyone's interests from culinary to medical. There are also state of the art resources available, as well as, internships and co-op opportunities.
MCHS is a magnificent school that I believe truly cares about the success of its students both academically and socially. My only complaint about the school is that sometimes it's hard to feel unified as a whole. But with over 2000 students from a range of different middle schools, that is completely understandable.
My favorite thing about McCracken County High School was the excitement our school had at sporting events - we even won a state award this year for school spirit at the state basketball tournament. Aside from athletics, I felt that I was very much a part of the school and learned a great deal. They offer a large variety of classes and the teachers are fantastic.
What I liked most about McCracken County High is the numerous opportunities offered. Unlike surrounding high schools, they offer courses in biomedical sciences, health careers, culinary, engineering, the arts, etc while offering rigorous required courses. The athletic department is top notch and the teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful.
Wide variety of classes, but it is a very large school, so it is hard to stand out, even as a top student. Sports teams are hard to get on because there is so much competition.
I love how there are so many different things that you can be involved in here. And it is growing all of the time. No matter what your passions are, you can find something to help you grow your skills and passions. One thing I would like to see change is the areas of the school that aren't sports related getting more recognition. But I love the opportunities being a Mustang has given me.
As a MCHS alumni and a part of the first full graduating class, I can insist change is needed. There is bullying left and right with no seminars to fix this problem. There are threats made to the school weekly. However, McCracken is in just the beginning of its time. There is definitely change needed, and hopefully someone will realize it before something tragic happens at the school.
I enjoyed going to school at McCracken County High School. The classes have prepared me for college and the teachers made class interesting. The principal is very involved in activities around the school and constantly strives to let every student know that he cares about everyone at the school. Since the school building is only a few years old, the facilities are very nice and clean. This is a great high school to attend.
Overall it's just like any other school around here. Everyone cares so much about the athletics and pays no attention to the art department. Kids who want to pursue art aren't given enough choices on classes as well, leaving them unprepared for future college courses.
teachers actually teach and don't let the computer do it for you. the food needs improvement and we need to focus less on sports more on academics
This is my first year attending this school. I have so many more options offered to be career and college ready! Everyone has been helpful.
Since I am a student at McCracken County High School, I was able to be apart of the Commonwealth Middle College. MCHS has many opportunities and the staff are always willing to help.
The teachers at McCracken County are excellent, and the coursework is challenging enough to provide growth while not being too difficult to the point of frustrating. I can't speak to any of the sports organizations, as I wasn't a member of any of them during my time there, but judging from everything else at the school it must have been top-notch.
Definitely recommend this institution. Awesome experiences and learning opportunities are present here.
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There are lots of opportunities at this high school and lots of different groups to connect with. Starting here can be a little overwhelming and you have to figure things out for yourself especially as a new student as the administration isn't of much help when it comes to scheduling and explaining what the school offers
McCracken County High School is a consolidated school of Reidland, Lone Oak, and Heath High School. Combining schools was probably one of the best decisions to happen to McCracken County. The fairly new high school offers so many opportunities to help students thrive such as the Biomedical Program, Project Lead the Way Programs, etc. These programs would not exist for all high school students if the schools did not consolidate. The love everyone has for our school can be seen every single day through our Mustang pride. I love McCracken County High School and am thankful for the opportunity to attend it.
I went there for 3 years, pretty swell, the staff was dandy, the theatre department was Broadway material, had everything for every kind of student.
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