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Mccormick high has a lot of rules that are unecessary, the food is bad and do not have enough teachers. The principal is cool and respectful.
What I like about McCormick High School is that everyone is willing to help in anyway possible. Help is always available in every corner. One thing I would like to see changed is the lunch menu.
I enjoy attending McCormick High school. I have learned quite a bit for my teachers, and my principal, Mr. English, is really dedicated to helping me transform my talent into success. he congratulated me on my ACT score last year because I had the second highest score in the school! He also got Mrs. Jones to let me take the placement test at Piedmont Technical College and now I am a student there as well!
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I like the fact that McCormick High School offers a Middle College/College Credit program and the teacher cadet program. These two programs offer great college readiness and the teachers are very supportive. I would like to see a more diverse and spirited school. Right now the high school has a small populations with few cliques, so new students aren't guaranteed to fit in and end up as outcasts.
As a junior at McCormick High School, the school is small but there are many opportunities that are given to the students. I am currently enrolled in the middle college dual enrollment program and expecting to be graduating with an Associate's degree. I am also enrolled in the Teacher Cadet program to earn even more college credits. They also help students with any concerns they have involving college and try to keep everyone on the right track.
I would love to see better academic for the upcoming students. I have been going to McCormick since i was younger and it has been a great ride. They gave me a chance to receive my associates degree while in high school which was very important to me.
The police officer doesn't make anybody feel safe.
Everybody enjoys and is supportive. Like a family.
Most of the parents don't care if their children get and education of not anymore.
Some teacher engage more then others. Some teacher are more willing to listen and help the students then other teachers.
The school has a very nice gym and new football feild. We do not have any other sports beside basketball, football, softball, track, and baseball
It could be a very good school, just need some tweeking.
We had a good year for the class of 2013 but years previous and this coming year is not so good. The school needs to put more focus on sports and how to recruit kids in to playing.
There are not many clubs to get involved in. The only clubs we have are for the a students but there are none for others.
Students aren't allowed to have any electronic device out during school hours which is understandable during class, but not during free time, such as lunch and class change.
All of the teachers know what to do when there is a fire or tornado drill, but some do not handle the intruder drill well. They are practicing it and they are improving though.
The academic workload is very manageable. Athletics are very prominent in the school.
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We as students are not alowed to wear revealing clothing. We can bareley wear sandles. I completely understand the policy about revealing clothes, but i think we should be allowed to wear sandals.
The health and saftey policies are strict. They show much care for the schools envirioment. Bullying is not that much of a problem, its actually rare. We have cameras in school to insure saftey. Ant we have special security doors. I feel safe in school because extreme measures are taken to protect me, as well as others.
My school is kept in an orderly manner. Its clean and sanitary, and its comfortable.
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