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I liked the clubs they offer and the sports they offer. But don't like how there is no parking for students, or a cafeteria for that fact. The education there is good, some of the teachers are excellent some are not some are not even qualified or provide quality education. The high school itself is not very diverse in ethnicity or culture. I would recommend this high school to boys who play football and have a lot of money to keep up on costs.
Over all this school is okay if you value sports over the arts and education. I would really like to see more money be put into the arts programs and more of an emphasis put on education.
The McCook Senior High School is a pretty great experiance. Their academics could be improved. However, their athletic programs are great! The students are great people who work for what they get. The faculty is also amazing in the fact that they help students individualy if nessisary.
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Most of our doors are unlocked and would make it easy for an intruder to get inside. They also don't do much about bullying even though they have a zero tolerance policy in place.
For the most part they are all great, though some activities are not as fun because the teacher who is the sponsor doesn't really want to do the activity.
The thing that makes it unique is that my mom graduated from high school there and I've had some of her teachers.
Overall most of my teachers have been great, but I've had few bad ones that I don't think even like teaching or kids in general
If you don't have money then a lot of clubs you can't do. If you don't have straight a's then there goes another club. If you are not religious well that's another club you can't do.
If you don't do sports you're an outcast and nobody will talk to you. I couldn't do sports because we cannot afford it and I had to have a job. I've been an outsider all of high school.
The teachers only care about students involved in sports. They do not engage in conversation with kids that do not do sports and when you have a question most of them just tell you to look in your notes and they don't explain it to you.
I never felt unsafe for myself at Mccook High School.
There are both ends of the spectrum here. Some are excellent some are a joke.
The band program is awesome. Some teachers are excellent others care less.
I was involved in a lot of clubs and sports and really enjoyed it.
My school's alright, but I can't wait to leave.
I enjoyed this school because I got involved right away.
There are no really big hazards within the school that bring up a safety scare for students. The most hazardous places would be the shop classes and the chemistry labs. The nature of these classes do have predetermined hazards which are always covered in the class syllabus so nothing is really unforeseen.
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The overall view of the school is awesome. There are a large quantity of activates for students to get involved in, especially sports. McCook is known for its unbreakable school spirit when it comes to any sport. The Bison have the motto, "We are one", and by that motto the school lives. Every sport plays as a team and wins as a team. The fundamentals of every sport rides around the fact that everything is for the team no just for one person. The best example of this is the football team. The pride and heart of the football team is like a diamond, it can not be broken into pieces. Every year I played I felt that I was apart of something special and worth giving everything to make the team better. The team is a family a players with the same passion and heart to give it all for the person next to them. When a key player is lost, underclassmen or secondary players have to step up to fill the spot left by the person ahead of them to ensure the team continues to operate to its fullest extent.
There were very few times that I actually ate at the school facilities, because I lived only a couple blocks away from the school. The times I did eat there, the food was always fresh and hot, with very good service.
I would say that there are no polices that are rated over others, they all seem to have the same level of importance. The biggest one that the school tries to crack down on is the tobacco policy. It seems that almost every student now days uses some sort of tobacco product even with a zero tolerance policy on school grounds. The administration does not care if it is in your vehicle, but if brought into the school building and caught with it, that's where the issues start to arise. Most students are fairly good about complying to this policy, for if caught with it they could be charged with minor in possession.
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