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McCook Central High School Reviews

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What stands out with McCook Central is their music department and FFA Chapter (the FFA Chapter is one of the best in the nation and the best in the state). Students are extremely involved in extracurriculars and school activities.
The bullying at our school I think use to be a lot worse i dont knowabout in the younger classes but in my class for the most part we get along now. The bullying in our school use to pretty bad the pricipal would come talk to us and nothng would change. The students were horible to each other and it was non- stop. There are police at our school every now and then but i dont know what for. We do not have police in our school unless there called in about something. We do not have a school nurse. I feel like out lockdown, and tornado drill is poor. Im sure its like most other schools but i dont feel save sitting in the hallway if a tornado was coming. I also dont feel safe walking across the street to the court house while the shooter is in a diffrent part of the school.
We don't really have clubs or organization becuase we are a small school. We have lots of sports though. Teachers sometimes stay with kids after school but not always.
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I feel like our school is not always the cleanest. I would probably choose this school for myself just becuase its close to where I live and its not the worst school ever. I feel like other school defiently have a better education and have more technology then us. I love some of the teachers here. There usually very helpful and understanding. Some of the teachers here also strive to make the class fun so that we better learn important things.
Some teachers are very good and have very good teaching skills. There are a few teachers in the school that have no control over the students in there class and have horrible teaching skills. I feel like one of the teachers i have has no intrest in the students and doesent really feel like being at the school. Overall the teachers are very aproachable and easy to talk to so they have good communication skills. I feel like some teachers play favorites so the grading is not always consistent.
Pressure to fit in is pretty active.
The school is a little outdated but technology is a huge part of the curriculum here. Student computers are updated at least every two years. The staff is helpful for the most part too.
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