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McConnellsburg high school is surrounded by a small rural town that is very active in the community for the graduating classes to only be about 67 students on the average. I like how involved the teachers are with the students. My teacher is also my pastor if you really think I’m lying about how small the town is.
My favorite part about attending McConnellsburg High School these past four years would be the relationships you are able to acquire with all of the teachers. It is super beneficial for anyone's learning process. My least favorite part would be how certain teachers allow their personal life outside of school impact their decisions upon certain issues inside of school that may be going on.
I like the sporting events Mcconnellsburg offers as well as the fairness of the coaches.
If I could change one thing it would be better safety and protection when entering the building. With the school shootings every school year, we need armed guards at the entrances as well as during school events.
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I've always been a loner; people have never really liked me that much. Alot of the teachers seem like they enjoy giving you a hard time, and also don't care about helping you. Some teachers will outright say "If you don't care, I won't help you." I feel like it's a teacher's job to care enough to help no matter what. Overall it's a pretty average school. I'm just glad I'm graduating this year.
Great experience in a small town environment. Great sports programs. Many dedicated teachers and counselors with students best interest in mind
My experience in high school was pretty good, but there is always something that can be changed. Living in a small town and going to a small school, there are very little people in each grade. This allows for everybody to closely know most of the teachers, which can sometimes cause teachers to have favorites. Another thing that comes with a small town, is sports coaches that have children that play on their team. Favoritism can also be seen here. Although I am an A/B student, I do not feel that this school provides a good college readiness experience. The school is a new facility so the buildings are nice and well-kept. One good thing about my high school experience would be having an activity period every other Friday all throughout my junior and senior years. This is when our clubs would meet and I feel this kept my high school experience fun.
They're alright but some don't care as they should
They are smart, helpful, and almost like friends.
My overall experience at this school has been pleasant. Educational trips, school events, and sense of school pride makes our school a welcoming place. The small size of school is actually part of its charm, as everyone gets the chance to know each other and grow up with each other.
As far as the academics at my high school, there are plenty of classes available that help prepare students for college. There are college courses offered every year, and four AP courses, which allow for college credit.
Overall, McConnellsburg High School is a great place to learn. I am happy I got the opportunity to learn at this school, and will have the opportunity to graduate from it. Most of the teachers have been more than helpful and kind, and the students are fairly friendly.
The teachers at McConnellsburg High School actively help students when help is sough out. The grading practices in most classes seem relatively fair, and most of the teachers promote a welcoming environment.
There was one good nurse up until recently when the administrators have bullied her. But all of the other nurses I have encountered were grumpy mean or even not caring.
The facilities are ok, there are plenty of students who participate.
I felt ready for the real world but the school didn't really help except for the experiences in AG, FFA, AP History, and AP Chemistry.
There is bullying taking place, but the bullying policies and the way teachers, faculty, administration, and students treat it is a joke.
FFA was the best decision of my life. It turned me into the confident person I am today. I also played volleyball, but did not have a very good time. The coach picked favorites and treated others like dirt, and let me say I was apparently dirt.
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most the teachers are fun
Most kids do some kind of after-school activity
Same people bully year after year
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