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McComb High School Reviews

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Depends on club and who's involved equals quality.
Parents are somewhat involved. Depends on the kid.
Teachers are very discouraging of the students.
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It's not too bad but there are a lot of cliques. I'm an average student who gets along with anybody but im typically overlooked because im not a jock/ athlete. I work just as hard in what i do but it really doesn't matter at this school.
There isn't a lot of available technology. Teachers say to use the lab or study hall but when it comes down to it, you're either a) not allowed to be in the lab without a supervisor b) half of the computer don't even work. The technology here is very poor but there are a few things available.
They do what they can to get by. The good teachers are overlooked. There really isn't a lot of college prep classes either.
Isn't a lot to become involved in
We got a new guidance counselor this year and I like her a lot. She does her job well and even took time out of her schedule to personally get to know each and every one of the students in my school. :)
Yeahhhh, I don't really know what to say for this one since we don't have a school nurse or anything. Other than, I suppose, we don't really get hurt too often at school. Just random cases of students passing out occasionally.
At my school, things aren't really a huge issue. Yes, there are those students that still get into trouble, but overall, we're pretty good about it.
Our school food is pretty much awful, in my opinion and a lot of others in my school. There's some stuff that nobody likes and they just keep making it. It's a waste of money. I almost never finish a meal at school because its either cooked poorly and simply tastes bad. And I am one to typically eat all of my food.
It varies from teacher to teacher. Most of them are okay, but there are a few teachers that tend to bend the grading scale some and are biased with who they give leeway to.
I'm in such activities such as plays and musicals and we always have such fun together. It's great bonding time!
I'm not involved in sports, but what I see of it compared to other schools in our district seems about the same. It's not super wonderful, but the students can live with it.
No matter where you go, there's going to be teachers and students that you don't particularly like. What matters though, is how you take it. Most if not all of the teachers in this school are friendly and talkable teachers, however, they don't all have a very good teaching method. In fact, they tend to be a bit biased when it comes to the grading scale, especially if students have a certain last name that is more popular in the school.
Sports are very important. Basketball and football are stressed at our school. The football field and gym are very well taken care of. The track is a dirt track with weeds and puddles of water when it rains. We have no pool or soccer fields.
The academics offered in this school are just general classes and one honors clause. Honors history 2 is offered. Other than that all students are in the same classes regardless of academic achievement.
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The teachers are great. Some teachers are new at what they are doing and still are adjusting to high school students. Each teacher goes above and beyond expectations to help every student needed.
Students are not allowed to wear excessively low cut shirts or tank tops with less than one inch straps. Shorts have to be at the mid-thigh.
There is no school nurse. Every now and then there are physical fights in our school cafeteria, but that resulted in security from many staff workers and police officers occasionally.
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