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The school is advancing in technology every year. We have great college level classes and AP classes . There are some good teachers. The food is nasty but some things are good.
The culture and tradition of McComb High School was really one of the strong points of the school. Although the school should work on college readiness.
McComb High School is an average school that could use some improving in the areas of their teacher-student involvement and even more so on discipline, but overall is an okay learning institution.
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Most teachers teach what they are suppose to. They have great leaderships and are trying to prepare each of their students for college if the student wants their help. They are very important to the school district.
I came to Mccomb in my sophomore year, and I wasn't expecting to connect with the staff and students there so well. Everyone there is nice. If you need help, the people here will give it to you, and if you're a hard working student, you will be recognized for it. Mccomb High School is the best thing that ever happened to me.
McComb High School is an amazing school with teachers that are willing to help. Everyone has access to the tools needed to succeed.
McComb High School is a wonderful school with wonderful teachers who teach to the best of their abilities.
teachers try to help students succeed
there are many and the students love them
they are loving and caring
The teachers at Mccomb High School try their best to help the students. They go above and beyond to help the students.
There are a lot of extracurricular activities that the students of McComb High School can choose from. A variety of which are academic and athletic. There is a club or activity that will suit any student that wants to be involved.
The parents that commit to involving their selves in a positive way are awesome.
McComb High School is a great learning institution that provides its students with a great learning experience.
We have security officers that ride pass the school that monitor what goes on and that also pick up misbehaving kids.
The extracurricular activities are fairly well. Some don't get the financial help needed while others raise money to help the organization or program. A lot of students participate in extracurricular activities.
It's been okay as far as the learning experiences I've had with some of my teachers and friends. Honestly, I think I would try another school out because I think I could learn more at another school and in better ways, as far as books-because the books are old- and the teachers having respect and knowledge about teaching.
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Some of the teachers know how to teach and cooperate with students while others have a hard time getting students under control or teaching them at all. Sometimes, I feel as if our school just randomly hire people just to fill in spots, because the teachers don't know what or how to teach, making the learning experience harder for the student.
Our nurse and help program provide us with everything we need. If it is out of the reach of the nurse, a parent will be contacted and the hospital.
ACT prep, tutoring, and any type of extra help is provided to at our school. It is very useful because many have shown improvement.
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