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McCollum high school, like all other schools has its ups and downs. I really like how the spirit of the student body has grown through the four years I have been here. One bad thing about this school is that we have some students who just do not care, but we don't turn anyone down, we try our best to help them change their point of views on education. I think that is one really good thing this school does; they give everyone a chance even if it doesn't seem like they deserve it.
I’m still in high school but I’d say it’s very good overall. Ive never really felt uncomfortable here and the teaching is great. There are some minor setbacks but once you overcome them one will be good to go
I like how they are very about the rule book. They take things serious around the school. They can take things too serious in the wrong directions at times. They focus on the wrong people and decsipline the wrong people. The food is terrible. The teachers are not great. The campus is ugly.
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It's was okay. Great teachers!! Band is amazing!! Great people!! I'm proud to be a cowboy, I learned a lot from specific teacher. I feel very prepared for my future and for college.
It was not the best high school experience. I personally only liked the support system from my academic advisors.
McCollum wasn’t a very exciting school. It lacked school spirit, mainly because of the principal. If she were to lighten up as little as letting us streamers at our football games, McCollum students would be more involved. The thing I loved about McCollum was the students/teachers. We the students never stopped trying to get the school spirit up, and the teachers never stopped encouraging us to push for school spirit.
I believe this school could have been better like the kids that are type 1 diabetics shouldn’t have any issues leaving the classrooms when there are substitutes in the class.
I had attended McCollum for my entire high school education and throughout those for years i had an amazing time, the school was nice and well kept, and the teachers and administrators we’re very helpful and nice
I loved the the atmosphere and campus, student body are really friendly, everybody knows everybody and extracurricular activities such as clubs and athletics are plenty.
I really liked how they offer amazing teachers in the AP and honors courses. As well as the dual credit courses which have helped increase my knowledge greatly.
Most of the teachers are very involved and concerned about their student’s education. There are also many clubs and actives available for the students and there is no trouble finding teachers to sponsor these clubs. When it comes to sports, we hardly experienced any victories but the school spirit was definitely there! We were also provided many resources. If pens, paper, erasers or anything else was needed you could just visit the CIS (Communities in School) room. There is also a college and career center. This is where you complete applications and scholarships. The staff in this room is very helpful. When it comes to parent involvement, there is hardly any. There is no PTA and at assemblies/class meetings I never saw any parents attending. There is hardly any diversity within the school. Majority of students are of Mexican decent. About twenty percent of students are African American or White. Overall my experience at McCollum High School was wonderful.
My experience at McCollum is not the average student's experience being in Advanced classes and multiple extracurriculars, I have definitely seen a side of the school that is experienced by few. I like the teachers and the resources we have at the school, teachers like Mrs. Jose and Mrs. Ocampo in the English department, who motivate and inspire their students to prosper at the best ability they can. By resources I do not mean laptops and Ipads because we do not have that much money, but what we do have is great college and career advisers who help guide us in the direction we choose to go. Whether it we choose to go to a 4 or 2 year college, going into the armed forces or even going straight into the workforce. With the great guidance we receive from Mrs. Reyes, Mrs. San Miguel and Mrs. Cantu there is truly nothing we can not do! There is very few things to complain about if i had to say anything it would be the voice of the students and the amount of school spirit.
Very good education, most teachers are helpful. Administration is okay, but for the most part it’s a very loving school that cares about family
Teachers are always willing to help out in any way they can. Especially senior year when everything was chaos all my teachers helped me not feel so overwhelmed.
What I like about McCollum Highschool is that they try really hard to get you that "college ready " mindset , and offer some opportunities to get a head on that.
I enjoyed most of the teachers as they made my school experience a little more exciting. The students that attended the school were friendly and paid attention in school for the most part.
McCollum high school has really opened all their doors for me when I first entered this school because it was towards the beginning of the second semester of my sophomore year and they really made me feel welcomed. Opportunities were basically handed to me when I started my Junior year starting with both dual credit and dual enrollment classes as well as many after school activities that provide help for me. One of the programs I am in is Upward Bound and they have provided for me a place to study, gain help, and college readiness, for example, scholarship opportunities, free college tours, fun activities as well as it helped me bond with others. My junior year I loved my Graphic Design/yearbook class because I was able to get hands on experience on soft wares I will have to use in my future career. If McCollum had a place for me I believe they will have a place for everyone.
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There were only a few things i liked about this school. The teachers cared for the students and were there for them at times,but it depends on the teacher. There is pep-rally for the sports like football and volleyball. They usually forget that we have the Fine Arts.
id like to see a change between and teacher and student, understanding the student more so there could be less miscommunication. Then staff and teachers communicate better so less teachers will quit.
McCollum High school was a great experience for me. The teachers there were great at what they did and really cared about the kids. i also played baseball there and that was so much fun. the coaches made it a great environment to play and have fun. The school was good to me the four years i was there. the only thing i think they need to change is upgrading their facilities and getting more money to their sports to have everything they need to be successful.
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