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McClymimfs has been a bumpy road but also a smooth one they've had a little problem with academics such as the teachers and getting material we need but as of everything else they are great and getting better Everytime
McClymonds high school gives many opportunities. It has opportunities in the education part and the athletics and can be very beneficial.
The culture and environment that the staff brought to us. Also the student events, we had the best school spirit in the district
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McClymonds High School is a great school, I love the atmosphere. But I would love to add more subjects and clubs so kids can have more opportunities.
Some things about my school that I liked was that we where a family and We helped each other grow. We had so many tutors and people that we can go to for help if we needed or even our classmates see each other falling off we let them know that we are there for them. We had a lot of fun activity for the whole school to participate in Not boring and made others want to come to our school because of the unity.
My experience here at Mcclymonds high school is once in a life time. The culture here is like being around your own family.
At McClymonds, we're very small. The school is a one time experience. The vibe you get there is the vibe you won't get anywhere else. Everyone in the hallway wanting to look their best. Once you get a friend at our school, that friend truly has your back through whatever. The staff at my school is very supportive in any way possible. If you need any help with any work or even personal things outside of school, staff is willing to help you anyway possible. They keep things confidential and they are almost like Best friends. The school is majority African American, but we welcome every nationality as if they were one of us. I highly recommend the school to anyone that is needing an small (300- students). We have the highest African American male graduation rate in Oakland. We are an excelling high school with students that have high standards. I love my high school!
If you know about McClymonds it is a very small school which makes it easier to get one on one help with the teachers. There are a few very supportive teachers through out the school , if you have personal issues and you need to talk to someone the staff is trustworthy and they will for sure help you to their ability. I feel like they can improve on the school lunch because it is not the best at all.
I have being going to mcclymonds high school since the 9th grade but i have participated in their youth programs before I attended the school and it really helped shaped me. Being at mack really gave me a voice to be myself and helped me step up into a leader. At my school a lot of people are followers and don't do their own thing and that's not for me. My school can very disorganized on someday but come together when it is needed. things that need to change is the food because it is not always the best and also how staff and students interact. Overall my school has supported me in many ways, it is improving, and still needs work.
We have a drama class, band class, and choir class.
My best experience here at McClymonds would be cheering, but with cheer there comes drama. This schoolis known for drama and fights. I wouldn't choose this school again, because there aren't many classes that you get to take and i don't like all the drama that goes on their.
Some teachers help students more than others. Some teachers get frustrated and give up and stop teaching. Some teachers that we've had left the school. A lot of teachers that come to our just leave because they can not handle the students/ control their class. Some teachers are more hands on than the others.
We only four security gaurds, but there are always police parked in the parking lot and in front of the school.
We have like 4 clubs, which are: f.l.y. girls, y.o.l.o, E-team, and studio. Three of those clubs you get paid for for participating in them. They are nice clubs but they don't have a lot of students in them, because they not interesting to a lot of the students.
Mostly everyone is there to be successful and wants to make it out the hood.
Some teachers give certain students attention and don't give attention to others.
Mack is a family. We take care of each other. But the school is in Oakland and in a very unsafe neighborhood. The kids are always going crazy which causes a horrible learning environment. But the upside to that is the teachers really care about you. They will go out of pocket to make sure that were taken care of down to it be buying us food up to paying college apps or writing letter of rec's the day of.
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