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McCluer South-Berkeley High School Reviews

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They school is great! It has a good environment and has good staff that cares about their students. They have great academic and athletic clubs, and the school will overall, prepare students for college.
My experience was GREAT! But looking back, I wish I would've been more involved and participated in more of the opportunities available. During my time there, I was extremely active in several academic/career programs, sports and school activities. Freshman year, the school selected roughly 10 students with a high gpa to participate in a 4 year career program. This program allowed several students and myself the opportunity to attend different interns to help with our career decisions. My career path was medical so I was given the opportunity to work with The Saint Louis Science Center, Barnes-Jewish Christian Hospital, Washington University and many more. Outside of the academics, I enjoyed playing sports and participating in school activities. Go Bulldogs!!
You have only a few teachers that really care and that enjoy what they do. The counselors do not reach out to help the students get prepared for college. If the parent doesn't know from other parents before them then they will miss out on scholarships.
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McCluer South Berkeley High School gives you opportunities to become the best student you can be. They're strict on education and academics. On thing that could change is the small number of AP Courses available to take.
My experience with McCluer South Berkeley High was a experience I will never forget. They have teachers there that are willing to help you and not give up on you. If they see that you are trying they will expect that from you at all times.
I love the mentors that came across my education path at first the baseball program and some faculties members.
I love McCluer South-Berkeley ! My school is an amazing school. They provide you with all the academic tools to survive in this real world. They are ever truthful honest people. I would only Change the diversity of the school. There are only a few different races in the school, but they are still treated with the same amount of respect. Overall the school is amazing they value all the activities and sport events the school is having. I love how it is a structured learning environment full of love. We are a family here at MSB. Bulldog For Life!
My experience with my school to me is any other typical high school student's perspective. The school is a nice place to be, though as me being a teenager, I don't like amount of work that is given, some teachers are nice, some are annoying, etc. My school to me is my home and we are very competitive when it comes to education and sports.
The PTO is really awesome, they always find fun ways to fundraise for the school, its just not many parents involved with it. At athletic events there is a nice amount of parent there, most parents have work or school to get their masters. At non athletic events its the same deal as nonsporting events.
Most of the teachers always have exciting ways for us to learn new stuff, and most of the teachers a really involved in the sports, clubs and organizations, and are really supportive and helps us get to college with the most amount of scholarship money we can get. It's only four stars because its not ALL of the teachers but its most.
The school takes everything seriously and goes by the book.
Each club has its own pros and has very committed students who gives pride to the bulldog name!
This school opened me up to many opportunities that I never thought existed. it gave me a new view of life and opened doors for me.
My teachers all have their own ways of putting character into each lesson. This helps other students and I have a better learning experience and stay engaged.
Most teachers at McCluer South Berkeley, turn into great mentors once you develop a strong relationship with them. They make sure you stay focused, out of trouble and it's good to have a teacher you can depend on.
I enjoyed this school overall. I love the people I met, such as friends, associates, teachers, staff and etc.
The lunch was always something you looked forward to.
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The Administration and Policies are very strict and I personally like it that way because school should not consist of the foolishness that sometimes occur and all students are aware of that. Those who disobey should always be punished.
Our sport teams improve every year and I wish they could be funded every year as well to keep up the maintenance of equipment and etc.
All of the teachers I had were great! They sometimes had to keep us longer than the expected class time because we were so engaged in the lessons and conversations.
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