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McCluer North is a very good school. The teachers are all friendly and are willing to help when asked. Many of the teachers I have/had are very involved with the school and their students' succus.
The teachers did not really care the education was horrible. The students did not care about the school they would just do whatever they wanted. I do not feel like McCluer North got me prepared for college. One decent thing at McCluer North was the sports I was a cheerleader and that was probably my best memory of high school I guess I just did not belong in that school it was not for me there was always fights and drama students disrespected the teachers and other students. Their scores are terrible for attendance and act scoring.
All four years I attended this school I basically would have to go home and teach myself everything.
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McCluer North HS is a pretty decent school. The main thing that should be changed is students being forced to take AP classes if they did not pick them.
Mccluer North is a somewhat good school. Great teachers and wonderful experiences. But, they don't know how to handle bullying, harrasment, etc. Sometimes they act and show that they don't care. It's hard as a student to feel safe in a school where there's no real protection.
McCluer North was a really good school. The teachers were the best, they try their best to make sure you make it through life and you're actually something. They always had the best school spirit and made you feel at home. The only thing I would change is having your teachers pay attention to everyone and not just certain individuals.
McCluer is not the best school but they have their pros such as although all schools have cliques we as a school, stick together and I like that! I would like too see administrators care about us more, I feel like teachers sometimes can get away with a lot in how they treat us because most of the teachers are white and our school is predominantly black and sometimes when things happen our administration gives us no justice but as a student body we stick together. Academics are really easy like your average common core classes aren’t challenging but the honors classes and Advanced Placement classes do give you that challenge you need but sometimes the teachers don’t care about you as a student so get your work done the best way you can!
I graduated from McCluer North on May 20th, 2018 in the top 4% of the class. As a result of my grades, I was in a majority of honors classes throughout my high school career. I was surrounded by students who took school seriously and had concrete goals. The teachers in our classes were able to teach effectively as a result and treated us like people just as we treated them. I was also apart of the swim program for all four years, becoming captain my senior year and being apart of a relay that pushed our way into state qualifications. I joined Deca, a business club, my junior year and it brought me to discover that I wanted to major in marketing. Overall, I loved McCluer North. I matured as a person and learned skills that I apply daily.
McCluer North has a wide range of different people who are different but at the same time alike. In the beginning it may seem difficult to find your self so the teachers place you with people that they think you might get along with not to mention they give so much respect to your personal preference. The teachers also communicate with the students who have been struggling if they feel like that might be necessary. The only complaint is the crowded hallways and the food.
Most of the teachers act like they have no training. Many teachers don't seem to understand the material they're teaching. The equipment/supplies are horrible; there aren't enough desks, pencil sharpeners, clocks, tissues, etc. Many of the bathrooms don't have working locks! None of the arts programs get enough funding. The district is wasting money on things like the new STEAM middle school, a TV in the hallway, and a new electronic sign when we genuinely do not have the supplies to function properly. Ridiculous.
McCluer north is an average high school. The teachers are helpful to those who want to succeed. There are a number of clubs and activities for students to join with great coaches and leaders. The classes are full with a decent amount of students. The is not that great, but it is free.
It was a very good time here, I graduated early and that is one of the things I like most. Not many schools offer that.
My experience at McCluer North high school has been fairly decent. Overall the teachers I have had in my four years here have been very supportive and for the most part encouraging. However the students could do a lot better in trying to achieve something academic wise and just simply trying harder. In general level classes you'll see more kids who typically do not work as hard and cause distributions in class, while in honors or AP classes you have more kids who are willing to put forth the effort it takes to earn good grades.
It's a good school overall, however there should be new teacher and less fights. I love the diversity and the involvement of the students and staff.
The things I liked most were how diverse it was, and all the student involvement that went on. There were plenty of activities to do in school. What can change is the food in the cafeteria, and pushing more kids to take college credit classes.
I am a current senior at McCluer North High School. I have enjoyed having the teachers that I've had because they care about the students they teach inside and outside of the classroom. One thing I'd like to see change is an attitude readjustment of some students. The majority of students (90%) at this school do care about getting an education so they can go to a good college, but some students (10%) do need an attitude readjustment. Nobody at the school can do this, so this starts with parents at home. Also, I'd like to see the school district's dress code modified. I say this because wearing a hat or hood in the building is not an unsafe thing to be doing. Students get unnecessarily written up for these dress code violations, and I just do not think it is a necessary. The last thing I'd like to see change is I'd like to see our school and district as a whole receive more state funding.
School is OK , some of teachers are awesome and the principals are working on making things better. Music program needs an overhaul with the band , but orchestra is amazing,
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My experience at McCluer North was great! Even though the school is in a predominately black area the school is very diverse! The teachers actually have a bond with the students as well!
The school is predominately black, the bathrooms are half renovated and the food is not that good the teachers for me are the only real good thing about the school because they love their jobs. What makes it bad is that most students don't care about their education it's really sad which makes for a bad school environment.
I started school here as a junior and I can safely say it can be the best environment to be in. The teachers are so relatable and easy to talk to, the staff and faculty are so nice. Things that could change is better discipline to create more structure for every student to prepare them for the next chapter.
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