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I did like the teachers there are very caring and would work with you so you can be the best . I would like to change how the schedule is and where students are in the building and discipline .
I thought that the classes offered to set us for success. Although classes could've been more challenging over it was good.
I recently graduated from McCluer and I can honestly say that the school is a perfect example of potential limited by resources. Across my 4 year experience there I’ve dealt with teachers who genuinely prepared me for my future, clubs that let me grow, and going to McCluer beat my other potential school hands down. My experience is rare amongst my student body due to me often receiving the 1 or two teachers of a particular subject that would actually make the learning digestible. The lack of resources available to the school due to the lack of funding which leaves most aspects of the school sorely underfunded and underprepared. I also wish to highlight that having the coursework of McCluer alone and not being placed under the dwindling number of competent teachers will leave someone unprepared to go to their next level of education or even to become an actual adult, thankfully I was prepared and I was able to find teachers to provide me with a good learning experience.
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I was in sports so I really enjoyed being part of the team because it was like a second family to me. There are some teacher that are good and others that just want a paycheck. The students really don't care for there education and it gets worst every year
Most of the teachers are phenomenal, but the students are the problem. There are gems that are very bright, very driven. They receive scholarships, go to top universities (recently one getting into Stanford). Then there are the bottom students. They get into fights, repeat grades ("super senior" a common term), fail classes, and disrespect everyone. The administration is so overwhelmed dealing with these students that the top students are both ignored and crushed under unrealistic expectations. They are expected to represent the school in events, but don't get much in return. If anything, they are punished for the slightest transgression that other students would get away with. They are forced into groups projects with trouble students, in an attempt to "better" those students. In reality, it usually leads to the driven student to do all of the work. Depending on the person, it sometimes even leads to bullying if they try to get everyone to work, if I'm being completely honest.
What I like about McCluer is the track team, what I think that need to change about McCluer is the teaching system
I am a current senior at McCluer High School. I have been here all of my four years and I must say, I’ve had some very good experiences! I am comfortable with all of my teachers and counterparts, and I always have been. I have learned how to keep up and stay on task during the course of class. My teachers are great at finding ways to make sure students understand the work assigned. I have had a wonderful time at McCluer and it is a bittersweet feeling about graduating and leaving.
My experience at McCluer High School was a good one. Being in the district for my entire life was almost like being apart of another family. McCluer taught me that no matter what obstacles may come your way , you can always achieve your goals. I am very proud to be called an Comet Alumni.
I graduated 5th in my class at McCluer. The school taught me a lot but most things did not help me in college. Most teachers care about their students' education but the few that do not, still don't get removed. The decent teachers get frustrated with the school and don't stay. The extra curricular activities are a mess. The music program has so many downs, the instructors struggle to bring the programs up with the combatting laziness of students. Its been going down hill almost every year.

The food at the school has been known to be dry and disgusting. There has been multiple incidents where bugs have been seen in salads and mold on meat even with photo evidence and the school didn't care.

The entire school needs work. Most of the teachers need better training, students need better morale, the school work needs to become more challenging. The school average reading score is below 9th grade.
My years at McCluer High school have been good and bad. I've had my ups and downs with the school but they are very supportive with the students and really intend on taking them to the next step and guiding them to adulthood. They have good ideas that interest the students and take our thoughts in consideration
Unfortunately, there are little resources to allow the teachers to teach the students as much as they want to. Many classes only have a classroom set of books for their students. Much of the learning can only be done at school since resources have to be shared and can`t be brought home.
My school provides me with average enjoyment and average education. My reasons for feeling this way is because most of the time the teachers have to cater to the students who are not doing so well academically and my increase in knowledge is held back. The AP and Honors classes are better. Since the students in those classes are on my level it is easier to get work done and to go further in the agendas. When it comes to enjoyment I've been at the school for 4 years and none of the principals remember who I am, even though my grades and attendance are what is keeping the school accredited. The students fight a lot and have the wrong priorities in life. Hopefully one day they will change these errors and I might bring my future children back to the school.
McClure High School is an overall okay school. Most of the teachers are so caring and willing to help us with anything we need. They help us with our scholarships, essays, job applications etc. They even do things behind the scenes that we don't know about. They are like parents but we don't see them on the weekends and over the summer. Not all teachers are loving though. Some of the teachers really don't care about us, they are just there to collect the money, teach and go home. I guess that's understandable when you deal with disrespectful kids all day that want to leave just as much as you do.
I think that some of the kids don't take their work seriously at McClure. They (mostly and sophomores and freshman) skip classes to roam the hallways, causing disruptions etc. They don't turn in work and they don't stay after school for tutoring when they are supposed to. What's really unfortunate/ bothers me is how bitter and hateful they are at a young age.
McCluer is a predominantly black school but I love it because it's where I grew up. All the teachers went to school locally and alumni are much appreciated. The teachers are very skilled you just have to be friendly.
There are many things I like about McCluer. First being is that the teachers and principals effort to have students strive for best and preparing us for what is needed. What I think can change at McCluer is the school spirit and students eager to learn everyday and be focused.
My experience at McCluer High School was great. I recently graduated and left so many memories behind. I was acknowledged and awarded for the activities I participated in. I got attached to most of the teachers that I can trust and ask for help in the future. The most thing I liked about McCluer is the spirit it has. Always motivating and striving kids to do better and awarding students with nice things.
The best thing about Mccluer High is The music and arts department. It gives you a chance to express yourself more than the usual. Im a big foodie, so having a unwelcoming lunch lady service is not okay.
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spending 4 years here wasn't magical but it wasn't terrible by any means this school has a lot of work left to do but some of the staff can be some of the most influential people in your time there people who helped me decide what i wanted to do and what kind of person i wanted to be
I enjoyed my relationships that I was able to build with other students and my instructors but I would like to see an improvement in academics. I feel I was not prepared enough for my first year of college.
I like the diversity of our school we have blacks, whites, Asian, Mexicans, Indians, and plenty more. I like how the teachers and staff make sure we are comfortable. They also make sure they get our feed back on situations to see the best outcome. Our food selections is good, but horrible because they serve the same exact food everyday. Our lunch ladies are also very rude. Also our security guards are very tight, so safety is no issue. I feel like our building is too old. Handicap students can't even come to our school because it's not wheelchair accessible. One year my leg was broke I was on crutches someone had to carry me up and down stairs or I had to hop up and down while holding both crutches. Could you imagine how much of a safety hazard that is. Our school is okay as a whole it just has some bad qualities.
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