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I loved High School because I was with my friends. McClintock offered a variety of classes that I was interested in, but my favorite class was choir. The teacher is awesome. She understands what teenagers are going through. If I had any problems, she was always willing to help out.
The teachers and staff are nice to the student. I feel safe there as a student because of the security they have at the school. I recommended a friend of mine to come to this school, because of the many opportunities they provide and the many activities the school has.
I like the environment at McClintock. The people are very nice and the academic programs have a lot to offer and many opportunities for exceptional learning. However, I do wish to see more spirit at the school and a greater stress on sports. I feel like the sports departments have very few resources and funding compared some other departments.
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what I like about McClintock high school is how we all come together to show our school pride and take everything seriously.
I would like to see everyone being treated equally. My time being there was pretty hard staff tended to get involved with drama and rumors as if they were high schoolers. It got to the point where I withdraws and moved to Tempe High school.
McClintock is a school that was built of spirit and winning. Our school is hands down one of the most spirited High Schools in Arizona. We are taught to win, not in just sports but in life. Every game, pep-rally, and event there are tons of students out there in their McClintock gear. I'm proud to call myself a McClintock Charger.
I like McClintock High school because the community is nice. The activities and clubs they have there are really fun. The people are friendly and the teachers, teach well. The parties and events are always fun. I feel like I'm learning and I'm able to have a good high school experience. Coming from an online school, I didn't think I was going to be able to find a lot of friends, but when I went to McClintock high school, everyone was friendly. It's hard not to be involved in school activities because they are all fun and my school has a lot of pride. I understand everything that is being taught as well, so I have time to do activities during the day.
It wasn’t honestly an amazing school. Loved all the teachers that work there because they strive to help us students succeed! But the only downside would have to be the office staff. They want to imply rules that are completely absurd. Other than that I loved the school especially their music program.
My experience at McClintock has been great! When I arrived as a freshman, I felt completely at ease with the school and didn't have a hard time finding my classes because they gave us our schedules early. The teachers there are very welcoming and are good at what they do. Now that I'm a senior, I'm sad that this is my last year, but I'm glad that my experiences at this high school are ones that I can look back at and be happy about.
Great school and full of nice people and amazing teachers that will assist with your future education plans
McClintock had a great learning environment and helped most kids achieve academic success. It was a also a very friendly school that made everyone feel accepted.
I love this school. I'm currently a junior and have been attending since my freshman year. The fine arts program is fantastic and recommended to any music preformer or artist. There are many classes offered, all at different skill levels, and the duel enrollment program is outstanding. The teachers are professional, kind, and overall amazing; I've never had any problems with them.
My only grievance is how the administration handled some of the issues I was having on campus. Long story short, an ex-lover of mine was bitter and resorted to stalking and harassing me via social media, even going as far as to create a fake name on a new account after blocking them. When I reported it to the school, I was told to only ignore it since it was only "an annoyance." Other than that, I find the teachers to be very understanding and wonderful, and most of the students are respectful of others.
I loved how there was a lot of funding put into extracurricular activities. My favorite aspect of the school was all of the different opportunities I had to be involved. That was the most enjoyable part of going to McClintock!
My experience at McClintock was very good. As an alum of the Peggy Payne Academy there, I can say that there are very rigorous academics available. There are also five incredible, award-winning performing-arts programs available. The sports teams usually don't do too well, but that's okay.
I love how most teacher go hand on hand in there academic problems. And how most of the teachers are polite and caring about our future.
Many of the students and faculty at McClintock seem to be struggling with a lack of structure. The school has recently undergone some changes due to new administration. Experienced administrator Principal Arroyo has made attempts to integrate her techniques at McClintock. I fear that her arrival is unwelcomed by teachers and students and that is what is causing a change in morale at the school. Students seem to be even more enfuriated by the new administration. They believe that Principal Arroyo should not be focused on changing McClintock but finding new ways for it to thrive. Change in a School should be progressional, not implemented.
it was really a good experience and i would recommend anyone to go there if they want a good education and it is in a very good community
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McClintock is the toughest in the west! Charger spirit runs so true, and no one can beat us! Once a charger, always a charger.
I switched high schools halfway through my high school life, and have been at McClintock since the start of 11th grade. The community of students and faculty was very supportive, and I immediately felt like I was a part of the school. My counselor was very helpful, and made sure I got into classes I needed and liked and helped me get prepared for college. While I have rarely eaten the school food and not participated very much in the school's sports and clubs, I hear from friends that the clubs are well organized and the sports teams are prosperous and each team is supportive of teammates. There can be some typical high school drama, but when brought forward to teachers and administration, issues between students are swiftly dealt with with justice.
I really enjoyed my four years at McClintock and this school has amazing school spirit also we have amazing traditions here at McClintock such as Mock rock , Pep rallies which includes the spirit stick but over all the teachers are incredible they take time making sure students understand the assignment
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