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McClellan Magnet High School Reviews

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McClellan is a very weird school. In regard to other it is very brutal, and based on the way the wind is blowing your day and the degree of your safety can be drastically differed.
My experience at McClellan High School is pretty well. I enjoy playing sports and going to all of my classes.
I, Kyia Whitley, am Student Body President for McClellan High School and I mostly enjoy the interaction of the students at my school. Students have decided to put down their cellular devices and actually applied their talents with other individuals in order to create an expanded social environment.
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It was a great experience. I had a good time there but the administration and some teachers made the learning environment. Also McClellan needs more clubs for different interests
At McClellan Highschool we are a family & that’s what makes us so different. Other schools do not have that love that McClellan brings ! From Staff to student all the way to student to student. Somethings should change though. The no cell phone policy during school, better school lunches, shorter classes, but that is a problem for another day.
The experience of being a Crimson Lion gives you the best benefits and support . As well as being gifted with some of the best teachers in the state.
I love my school. It may not seem like a good environment but everything is what you make it. My experience was incredible. I was open to create clubs and be very active in my school and community. It's somethings that need improvement but that type if thing relies on the state.
The school has a lot of potential, but it was a very negative environment. I was always pushed down, told I wasn't gonna make it. I lost a lot of friends due to misunderstandings at this school. It was an overall poor experience for me, but I still have hope for my future.
My experience overall was average I participated in many of the clubs here and they all had a big problem, funding. The approval process we had to go through to be able to have fundraisers and such was such a headache. At times, It does seem like the school cares more about sports than academics.
I've had a pretty good time at McClellan High School. I began attending this school during my freshman year of high school, and have been here ever since. The school experienced ups and downs, but through all of the trouble, McClellan has found a way. All 4 years, I have participated in the McClellan Marching band, and this band has kept me interested in everything. I have been to 2 finals games for our football team and when I say we were great, we did great even if we didn't win. My educational experience wasn't the worst. I always had good grades. The school is a vast majority of African American students, but there are still Caucasian and Hispanic people. My AP courses challenged me and made me better in the course for the future.
Well, McClellan is often known as the "underdogs." No one really expects us to be great, or win anything. Attending McClellan has been a life changing experience. I never would've thought that I'd love a school this much. Over time, McClellan has become my home, and I stand as living proof that we're a great school. I'm currently valedictorian of my class, and I am the student body president. I work hard to show the good in my school. In general, McClellan has a lot to offer. We have outstanding athletes, several clubs to join, many hidden talents, and a student body that you'll never forget!!! I LOVE my school, and I am a proud Lion.
McClellan has its ups and downs. But as students we make up for it with what we do best. Whether it's sports, music, or academics. With all the negativity that is said about the school no one can say the students aren't good at or for anything.
McClellan is seen to be a bad school but it really isn’t portrayed how it is said to be. The class of 2019 has made many improvements to the school by raising test scores among other things. The school as a whole could make some changes activity wise.
McClellan would be a great school if the students put aside their drama and actually come to accomplish their dreams.
My experience at McClellan has been great throught my four years being here. The teachers have taught me a lot and mad me a better person throughout my life.
Great teachers. The administration is poor. Parent involvement is poor. Great amount of resources. High administration and staff turnover.
I went to McClellan for all 4 years and my only problems were my teachers and the conditions of the school. I loved everything else
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I hate McClellan because everything about the school was horrible, the school was an outside school, so we didn't have a roof. the food was disgusting, the staff didn't care about keeping the school clean. the teachers really didn't care about the student's education, we barely got to go on any field trips. the only way to make the school better is to get rid of all the staff and bad students and maybe the school would be better
McClellan always has a bad reputation. I feel any school is what you make of it. You have to apply yourself. I personally did not have any bad situations with the school. I went through normal teenage issues. I made great friends and lost a few that I thought were friends. The staff are friendly and as long as you are willing to learn they give you 110 percent. There are some that can be disruptive but the teachers handle them accordingly. My Senior year will begin in 2 short months. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. If McClellan is your zone school at least give them the opportunity.
At McClellan High School you learn in your AP classes they exactly help you prepare for the AP exams.
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