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McClarin Alternative School Reviews

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McClarin High was a breath of fresh air from all the other public schools i went to. If it wasn't for this school I wouldn't have graduated on time. Frank McClarin is a alternative school that'll help get your high school credits back on the right track. In order to gain entry to the school you would have to do an essay on why you want to enroll . Afterwards everything is a breeze to gain your high school education. The most efficient option is the keystone packets, which is literally doing a packet of an entire subject! The teachers are all nice and it's pretty obvious they really want you to graduate and succeed.The school was a majority about education but I hear now they have their own sport teams and extracurricular activities. In conclusion McClarin is great and would recommend it to any and every student, especially if your wanting to graduate a little early. I'm a proud alumni of Frank McClarin and would encourage you to do the same!
This school is a great school. This school is great for students that want to finish high school early and to make up credits. This school has a lot of people surrounded to help with the students. And I also wish u guys would not call it an alternative school because we sopposed to focus on the past right that something I also learn. You can y’all about the past but not let it describe you as a person.
This school is so excellent the teachers really work with you to see you excel. There's always opportunities to gain success from. Everyone down to the janitor want to see every student here succeed. I love my school where success is the only option.
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best time of my life I wouldn't trade for anything in the world it such a fun time for time I was there it wonderful amazing meet friends for life it change my life for the better it was the first time I was on a open campus Fulton county the best of it era the teacher care too it not just a job best it what they love I can tell when I was there in was in the air for the first time I loved school and it because of them I will forever be with them I will rep this school has much has I can for the rest of my life
I was new both in the school and in the United States. When I got to the school on the first day, the teachers and the students were so accommodating and made me feel at home. The teachers thought me to my understanding, the assisted me in getting my best scores in school. Although they gave academic knowledge, they also impacted knowledge about the world and the community as a whole. I am proud to say that everybody in the school contributed to my success and where I am in life right now and I say God richly bless them all especially Mr Ahmad, Mrs Adams, My advice , Coach Foaster and the principal.
The academics is okay because sometimes I didn't understand. The work was very hard and I catch on but can't catch on that fast.
The social scene is great but sometimes can be horrible because people be talking about other people and it gets around.
Our safety at our school is great. We have a resource officer and and police officer but I prefer for the to have a search dog and metal detector.
The extracurricular was that we could stay after school for extra help U could help other students stay to do your online classes. We had a lot of extracurricular at our school.
My experience at this school was great I met a lot of people. I got to do a lot of things. When I attended the school I was in a program called odb. In this program it was all about leadership and how we can accomplish our goals.
The teachers at this school is great they work with the students and makes sure that they students stay on task and that they do what they are suppose to do. The teachers at this school makes sure that the students do what they are suppose to do and that they get their work done to graduate on time.
It's one of the best schools there are
All the teachers help every student out with what they have to work with
My safety is well taken care of all students and staff members have IDs and all doors are locked at all times with security cameras near by.
The after school programs are usually for people that are really behind and want to catch up by doing online classes to graduate as soon as possible .
McClarin is a very useful school that not to many people take advantage of .Many students go there and play around when it's really serious and one of the best credit recovery program schools that are free .
Most of my teachers are wonderful they make sure that I am taken care of and understand what needs to be done to be able to graduate on time .
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Teachers in all subjects are always willing to help in any subject in school.
I came to this school for a second chance which they have helped be with and I have caught up with my credits but they should try harder to keep the other students interested in their education and more variety of things.
The school isn't 100% safe, although this is the real world and nowhere is 100% safe. The administrations and students try their best to keep the school as clean and safe as they can. The bathrooms usually smell bad and the lunchroom is often hot, but maybe because it's so small and there are usually so many students walking around and talking and moving in the small lunchroom.
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