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McClain Junior/Senior High School for Science & Technology Reviews

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My overall high school experience was great!! Since I first started McLain I never though I’d like it because it was just so much different. I felt like I was an outsider and didn’t have any friends. Currently I am a senior now and my whole view I used to have has changed. I have been involved in soccer all four years and don’t regret it at all. I am currently the secretary of my class and also am in the debate club! School has been very fun and great for me. The more involved I am I wish to not leave. Great please to be.
I attended McLain High school my seventh grade year through my senior year. I graduate from McLain in 2017. I loved my high school and I still do. McLain was my second home, I made a lot of friends, learned new things, and felt loved.
I have attended McLain for 6 years and I can honestly say that the school is a great school. Yeah there are rumors but those rumors really are not true. This school is really how you make its about if you really wanna learn something. These teacher up at McLain are amazing they want us to achieve, they want whats best for us. I have learned a lot about what we're going t run into when we graduate and attend college. Im ready for the outside world.
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McLain is one of the best schools you could attend. I attended McLain for 5 years and had a great experience each year. They help you grow in the things your weak in and help you improve and strive for greatness.
My experience at McClain was a mixture of good and bad. Most teachers did care if we learned something and tried their hardest to teach the subject and offered before and after school tutoring, sometimes they even offered to see you on the weekends; but there were still some teachers who did not care if we learned and didn't even bother to try and teach us anything. Something I liked about McClain was that the teachers, that tried very hard to help us, cared about us and built a personal relationship with us so we were able to trust them and talk to them not only about our problems at school but about our problems at home as well and they would even try to help us with that. The first thing I'd like to see change at that school is for more teachers to care about the students education. The second change I'd like to see at that school is for the counselors to start helping the juniors and seniors more with college related subjects.
McLain is improving for the better. My favorite experiences would have to be the sport events, being able to be apart of groups. Our ambition makes us unique because we have to strive harder since we dont get equal opportunities like others. I would choose this school again because they need more students with a great mindset to attend this school. Happy to say we are headed to the top of the charts.
The school needs to be more opinated for the students. Since I've graduated in 2014 I've heard that there has been some changes, allowing the students to have more freedom.
Discipline is handled fairly well, not much to complain about.
The sports that my school is focused on has the things that they need to be great. Like a tennis court; it's bad but it's not really needed, given that there aren't many, if any at all, students who would want to be on a tennis team.
There are teachers who do their best and put in effort to teach student's but many of them do the basic things that are needed to get students in and out of their class
Because of the location and the community that the school is in it doesn't get as much funding as it could for extra activities, but most student participate in one of the activities we have.
The school was a great place for me. Everyone was friendly and that helped me break out my shell. The teachers are kind and patient. The school spirit is wonderful!
I enjoyed the lunch although It was a little short. The cafeteria was always clean and the lunch ladies were respectful.
I've never been suspended in any form or received any form of punishment.
The teachers at McClain highschool are the most engaging teachers I've had. They have spent hours after school helping students who struggle with the curriculum. I have witnessed teachers even getting supplies and other necessities for students so they have the items to succeed in class. The McClain teaching staff is magnificent
There is lots of clubs but most are sports related. I would like to see a musical program for strings and maybe a drama club. The clubs there are good but need more funding for equipment.
Again, more funding would improve everything!
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More funding/teachers would improve all things!
Teachers would try harder if class sizes were smaller and more funding were available. As it stands now, the teachers who do try hard to help their students, they come out of their own pockets for pay for classroom supplies, materials, copying papers/materials, etc.
Things are improving since a new principal and administrative staff were hired this school year.
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