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As a first generation student at McCaskey, I learned how to speak English and get involved in the McCaskey community and also make friend. As a first generation student going to McCaskey high school, having a future and looking up to my dreams; there were a lot of people who helped me: the most important one is my health careers that brought a life in to my dreams and live the life that I have been dreaming about.In order for me to achieve my dreams I got into the Internship program through my health careers SLC. The internship program could help me by showing me how my real dream looks like and I will be able to compare myself with professional doctors already working in hospitals. I will be able to have a real experience and see how my future will look like. This program will also help me encourage other people to save lives and help other people.
I attended McCaskey High School for all four years. McCaskey gets a lot of bad press simply because it is an inner city school. In reality, McCaskey creates one of the most enriching and diverse educational experiences that I've ever experienced. The teachers are passionate about their jobs, the students provide a diverse set of backgrounds and knowledge to the classroom, and in many ways McCaskey prepares students very well for college.
On top of top of the variety In acedamic levels, cultural appreciation and diversity, staff aid, resources, and opportunities, McCaskey is a great Highschool. Many people and other schools have a name for us due to their lack of understanding and opinions but we identify as a harmonious community where you have a place no matter the
gender preference, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and interests you have. There are clubs for anything you can think of and the fact we are split into Small Learning Communities you. Many students find teachers they grow great relationships with and push them to become better. Many other factors we have that other schools don’t is a peer mediation program where students offer their set of ears to help students talk about their problems. We have a positive environment and a safe one thanks to our coaches, facility and staff, and student body. And no mater the sport, club, interests,or areas of education, we are all Red Tornado strong and proud.
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McCaskey is a an excellent school with so much potential. All the students are creative and have so much talent that is over shadowed by so many people thinking the school is bad because its a "City School". All the teachers and programs are super helpful for students futures and everyone around are just friendly.
McCaskey is a pretty sweet school. You will get a bittersweet experience here on McCaskey campus, I say that because the diversity at the school doesn’t reflected much on how your treated by other races. The teachers here aren’t too bad either, you’ll make good connections with them if you do your work in class & try to maintain a good grade. The many clubs & activties that they offer are amazing too, there’s no way that you won’t find a club or activity that you won’t like. The food .. is my least favorite part, there’s only two options everyday, you get tired of it fast. At the end, you’ll like the school if you hang around the right friends & keep your grades up.
We have a very good community academic, however we are underfunded because we are a city school in which a lot of minority’s go to. Mccaskey works with what it has to try and help us get the best opportunity for our future. Most of our teachers are very easy to connect with, I have a teacher I call school mom. Most people like substitutes judge our school because it is an inner city school and a lot of kids the go here do come from the “hood” but most people let the %10 of kids who don’t act as their age define our whole school. In fact the news pretty much only mentions mccaskey when something bad happens not all the good we do.
McCaskey was a great school for me and they always made sure their students were taken care of! I wish I had seen more parents get involved with their children’s education but teachers and staff definitely took up for those students that did not have the complete support of family members. Many different clubs and sports that gave each student the ability to find something that they were comfortable with and an amazing group of students that always made each other feel welcomed. I loved my high school!
McCaskey is a very diverse school and has many challenging classes. It faces adversity everyday but students still manage to pull through hardships and complete their Highschool experience.
Mccaskey was a pretty good school, especially the amount of people and diversity. there was always a multitude of opinions and ideas that were not all alike, and it broadened the minds of everyone who attended, especially me.
The first day of school was only freshmen to help us get used to how the school ran. All of my teachers have offered to stay late and help us with our school work. The way administration handles things is great.
I enjoyed my time at McCaskey. I found the resources put in place to help you get into good colleges and get scholarships, to be very helpful. Many of the teachers go above and beyond with recommendation letters and helping with college essays. One thing I would change is the school lunches. It would be great to see more vegetarian options.
When I first went to this school I hanestly didn't know what to expect. Coming out of 8th drade you hear a lot of rumors good and bad. When I ginally arrived i quickly found myself flourishing. I made many new friends right away and the achedemics were challenging but doable. I learned much which was never taught to me in middle and elementry school about this countries history. I learned new ways to solve problems. I experienced new degrees of emotion (depression, pride, love, and resolve). Highschool taught me more than just the knowledge in a book. It taught me about the reality, tragedy, and beauty of life. If there was one thing I took away from highschool that I would put above all else it would be this. Don't just be yourself. Be the best you that you can possibly be in all aspects of life.
Mccaskey Campus is an extremely diverse campus and offers the students many amazing opportunities from IB courses to AP/IB tests. Some things that need change is the administrative activity that goes around in the school. There is a lack of punishment and overall safety for the school due to the traveling aspect of the school.
I am currently a junior at McCaskey and it has been a great experience so far. I am in the IB and Honors programs that are avalible at the school. The teachers are really nice and are comfortable to be around and they can become friends. The teachers really care about there students amd want us all to succeed. The music programs that are also avalible are some like no other. We have three different choirs and they're all diverse in the music each one learns. We are one of the few schools that have a goapel choir amd it is the best part of my day. Its a time to learn about music and have fun with the other members of the choir. There is so much to our school and its different to what most think of it .
At Mccaskey High school, I am part of the rigorous IB Program there. Mccaskey is the only high school that offers the IB program in which you can earn college credits for me this was amazing but also very challenging due to the fact I was one of 3 African American students who were in the program. overall academics at Mccaskey is amazing. one thing i would change is diffidently are the history teachers with the exception of just one. but all the history teachers cannot teach history, they do not know how to each it as a subject.
I felt like this campus helped me grow as a person way more than the other schools I have attended before. My other schools used to bully me and make fun of me because of my differences. As soon as I became a student at McCaskey i suddenly found myself in a friend group for the first time ever, because of this my grades starting improving and it felt so good just to start over. I grew in my art and personal life as well.
I like the diversity the school has to offer. The staff seem to want the students to succeed and try to help in any way they can. The sports program is great, there is a lot of school spirit especially concerning football and basketball.
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Very diverse school, but fell apart under the new administration. The two campuses offer many courses that can bet very beneficial, but not all of the teachers are as involved as they should be. Not to mention, the school has a very sexist and racist dress code, and has some homophobic tendencies.
I like the diversity McCaskey have with the students. Also, the different courses you can take that can prepare you for what you want to study when you go to college.
Last year was my first school year at McCaskey and it was the best! It had it's moments but they were always so quick to meet needs. The teachers are very professional while being that shoulder to lean on when you're going through it. I loved it and can't wait for this school year!!
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