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McCallum High School is a very accepting, diverse school. Being a Fine Arts Academy, there is a variety of classes that are not offered at all high schools. The faculty is always nice and ready to help, and the Administration is on the side of their students, and always want what is best for them. Head Principle, Mr. Garrison, is approachable, fun, and knows most of his students by name, joking around and having a good time with them and the on campus officers in the hall. McCallum manages to be a fun and relaxed school while maintaining their high academic standards and are known for the great success of their student body.
i love the teacher involvement with the students. there should e more student involved organization. McCallum has a real friendly atmosphere. there needs to be more adjustment though.
It was a decent high school. The fine arts program is what makes it shine.It was a decent high school. The fine arts program is what makes it shine.It was a decent high school. The fine arts program is what makes it shine.It was a decent high school. The fine arts program is what makes it shine.It was a decent high school. The fine arts program is what makes it shine.It was a decent high school. The fine arts program is what makes it shine.It was a decent high school. The fine arts program is what makes it shine.
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It’s a great school if you are a liberal/Democrat. If you are not, you are totally screwed & you will be yelled at & told your opinions are wrong.
The academics are pretty good if you are in all advanced classes & the sports are also pretty good. But some of the coaches don’t always know what they are talking about.
The quality if the building sucks, it leaks everytime it rains, rats fall from the ceilings (one even drowned in our locker room toilet), & everything falls apart.
I loved being able to participate in the athletic side and the Fine Arts Academy while still maintaining my academics. I think you get as much out as you put in. If you want to learn a lot, there are many people at the school willing to help you push yourself.
I graduated from McCallum High in 2017. It was an amazing exprience there were up and downs with proffessors and certain subjects lacked some but overall it was an awesome and super diverse school.
McCallum is a great school that taught me so much about the plethora of people my age with such different backgrounds. The school has so many clubs and activities to be a part of, so you can always help influence and be present in the community. It really feels as though you are a part of something way bigger than yourself, and that you are doing something great when at the school!
Lot of arts focus. Not much intermingling between the majors and non-majors. No level in between "Regular" and "AP". Could add classes for those going into vocational schools. Great teachers and staff.
McCallum is an extremely accepting community with just under 2,000 students. The student body is creative and kind. The honors and AP curriculum are exceptional however regulars classes are lacking. The foreign language department is weak with the exception of a few teachers, as well as the science department. Students are provided with many opportunities to participate in stellar fine arts classes along with majors. The main problem is the unintentional segregation of the school. While honors and AP classes are largely comprised of white, upper middle class students, regulars classes are more racially and socioeconomically diverse. Also, the facilities are old and the population is much too large for the school (many classes are held in portables). While I myself have had a great experience at McCallum, the administration and counselors are not up to par with surrounding schools (such as Anderson and LASA). However, it is worth it to be in a calm and friendly environment.
Pretty alright, nothing crazy, nice environment, teachers understand kids have a life outside of class and take timing like SAT and 3 day weekends into consideration before assigning projects
What I like about McCallum High School is that it is a friendly environment so it's easy making new friends and you can get a lot of one on one help with teachers.
Mccallum is a good high school. The best thing about mccallum is how open and accepting everyone is. You can tell how diverse it is by just walking onto campus. Teachers will go above and beyond to answer questions and provide assistance if you create a relationship with them. We have an incredible fine arts program, with an even more beautiful arts building. You're only gonna be challenged if you take a bunch of APs. Mccallum is an open, unique school and it is ultimately what you make of your time there.
Mccallum High School is a great school to go to, there are many activities that you may participate in like choir, theatre, or band. The staff are not the best, resources aren't bad, and it is a very diverse place.
Very diverse culture where students have the opportunity to be engaged in their education. Very friendly faculty and staff.
Its a fine art school we won a Grammy in 2016 we have many talented students in the fine art program.It also diverse there are different race there we all get alone it a safe environment.Being at MCcallum over the years was a lot of fun other then the work being challenging I made a lot of friends that help made me have 4 great years attending MCcallum High School.
I was a part of the Fine Arts Academy and truly enjoyed my time there. I think I had exposure to a number of different people and had the opportunity to participate in a number of activities, academically and musically. I felt very prepared for college following graduation.
McCallum is a pretty decent school. My first two years were great but junior and senior year I experienced how hostile the environment can be. Some of the teachers have issues being teachers instead of friends to the students. Some teachers even share personal information about others. I think most of that issue resides with the fine arts program though.
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McCallum has a dedicated staff and administration along with a great arts program.State championship caliber football team and great teachers.
A very accepting school with loving teachers and students. The head administration can be a bit overwhelming and unliked by students, but the bonds the teachers and students have are amazing
My experience at McCallum high school has been a great experience. The teachers always look out for you and have the best intentions. They are strict on work but that's because they want to prepare you for college.
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