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McCallie is a great school. It's very well connected to the local Chattanooga community. They provide great resources and teachers are very involved and committed to the schools purpose. Great facilities. Very competitive athletics teams so it's hard for average/above average athletes to get playing time.
McCallie is an excellent school. The students at McCallie are respectful and knowledgeable. Administration is helpful. Campus is top notch.
I love my teachers and my classes. The teachers care about me inside and out of the classroom. They make learning fun. Our sports teams are awesome.
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terrible school. Horrible teachers. We're falling apart here. I'm transfering this year to St. Andrew's in Florida, and it was a hard decision to leave my friends and family. Wouldn't recommend this school to anyone. If you want to go to boarding school in Tennessee, either go to The Baylor School or The Webb Schools. Otherwise, please don't even consider going to this school. Thats all I want to say.
Amazing opportunities. McCallie has opened many doors for me. My teachers have been great. The school is always improving and holds everyone to high standards.
McCallie undoubtedly offers a wide range of academic, athletic, and other resources -- they are just overpriced.
McCallie is a great school. They have resources for guys who want to work hard and succeed academically, and great sports programs for those that focus on athletics. There are an accepting community and a somewhat diverse population (students come from around the world). There's definitely a "good-ole-boy" niche, but I wasn't part of it and still had a great time at school and transitioned easily to college.
McCallie is a really good school in all of its aspects. The academics at McCallie are rigorous, but they challenge students and makes the students strive for excellence. McCallie's motto of Honor, Truth and Duty are very present in the school. Everyone is friendly at the school and there are a lot of people who will help you with anything if you need it.
McCallie is a truly great school. I love that it’s a place where boys have so many chances to find their place, and that they are supported in doing so. The teachers actually care about students beyond the classroom and go the extra mile to make life better.
Overall, I enjoyed my time here and do not regret my decision. However, the cost is outrageous for the services they provide, and they fail to provide the guidance expected from a prep school during the college process.
McCallie is one of the top private schools in the country. This school really shines, because of the teachers, who make an effort to get to know every student.
As a McCallie Alum, I can say that McCallie has shaped me into the man that I am today. It installed in me the virtues of honor, truth, and duty. It wasn't until my senior year at McCallie that I realized what it truly meant to me. It is a fraternity of hardworking, intelligent, and highly competitive men. My best friends to this day are members of my graduating class. Though it took me years to finally realize it, but sometime between my 6th and 12th-grade years, they turned me from a boy to a man. If it wasn't for the Mock Trial program at McCallie, I would have never found my passion for law. I owe everything to my alma mater.
I have been at McCallie since my 6th-grade year, and I fell in love with this school. The environment is welcoming, the food is amazing, and the diversity is present throughout the school. However, I still don't feel too safe with the security that we have at the moment. But overall, this school is amazing!
The McCallie School is an all boys school, that is a day and boarding school. My experience at this school has been fantastic, and it has shaped me into a man just like the motto states "Inspiring Boys. Building Men." Coming to the ridge and moving away from home was at first terrifying, but the faculty and students brought me in with open arms. From the friday night football games, to grinding out test I have made more memories than anyone else in a lifetime, and McCallie has propelled me for the challenges ahead in college. No matter how cliché it may sound I wouldn't change my 4 years at McCallie for anything in the world, it is a life changing experience. If I were a parent with a boy soon entering middle school or high school, I would most definitely look into McCallie and at least give the admissions office a phone call. It is the best decision a person could ever make!
I live the way the school has prepared my son for life and college. Great endowment and great alumni. If you are considering it you wull not regret it.
I am proud to say that I went to this school. One of the best things McCallie has going for them is how great their faculty are. Extremely wise, approachable, and are genuinely concerned with your development not only as a student, but a man as well. They push you. McCallie is not a school where you can breeze by. I learned a lot by going here, and I am extremely thankful for the faculty that helped me grow into a man and instilled in me a set of values that set me up for life. Go Blue.
Very upset with this school. I put in a load of effort and time into what i:doing, and my results are just horrible. Hope to leave soon.
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I am the mother of three and all have attended 3 different boarding schools. My son was an average student when he entered McCallie in the 9th grade. He is a senior and has worked very hard and with the help of his teachers and the writing center, he has a 3.9 average! This school can take an average child and support him into being whatever he wants to be.
I am a senior at McCallie, and I must tell you that McCallie is worth every cent. I cant say a bad thing about this school. no other place like it. I have a friend at our opposing school and many of them gave this place false reviewing and false uncalled-for comments to try and make this place look bad. 10/10
McCallie is an amazing school overall. There is really a sense of brotherhood here. If you come here and put in good work and are friendly to people then you will have a great time. The academics are challenging but it really prepares you for hard classes. I love it here even though some days are challenging and some nights I stay up half past ridiculous doing homework.