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Frankly, I haven’t enjoyed my time at MDHS. I don’t particularly feel like the teachers care about the students in the way that they should. I’ve never been a student that struggles, but my friends that have experienced struggle in their academics haven’t often been adequately helped. There’s a clear lack of community among MDHS students that hasn’t ever been addressed during my time here. It’s frustrating.
Super awesome teachers! Only complaint is the required credits to graduate. The school has a great environment and has been rated a 5 star school by the state.
McCall-Donnelly High School is a great school when it comes to preparing students for college, however, it has very little diversity. This school is almost exclusively white.
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McCall-Donnelly High School is one of the best in the state. Considering that it is such a small town, it's incredible the opportunities that are offered through the school, some of which aren't even offered at bigger schools in bigger cities. The community is so inclusive and everyone really cares for students, which makes high school a completely different experience than others may receive. The teachers, administrators, and students preach kindness, and that is what any parent or student should be looking for in a school.
The faculty continue to amaze me in how much they care about each and every student. They were always there when I needed help, or even just someone to talk to. A very student-friendly atmosphere and academically excellent.
Overall, I've enjoyed my time at MDHS! My teachers have been fairly accommodating and easy to work with, and I've met some of my favorite people here. Inclusion vs. exclusion is a bit of a tough topic here, and there are some bits and pieces that aren't as lovely as MDHS would like you to believe - the loneliness that can stem from a small community riddled with even a small amount of divisiveness and bullying aren't great, but the education is well-structured and rigorous for a small school. Budget distributions can make children of the arts feel disproportionately represented with a hefty set of funds for winning sports teams and some ignorance in other spots, and the pressure to take AP classes, Dual-Credit, and participate in extracurriculars - while great for college prep and resume building - can wear down the community. Overall, I'm glad to have been here for my strong education during high school.
This school is pretty nice and I generally enjoy going here. The only issue with the school is that the principle and councler are irritating and not too good at their jobs in my opinion.
Ranking as one of the top high schools in the state, it shows. While we are small, we are well rounded, challenging, and not what you would imagine when you think Idaho small town high school.
McCall Donnelly High School has a the most ideal qualities I have ever seen. The classes are rigorous, we have fabulous teachers, we're giving freedom similar to that on a college campus, and we're small and familiar with one another.
I really enjoyed my time at McCall-Donnelly High School. The staff was amazing and very helpful. I have attended school in McCall since Pre-school and never had any bad experiences within this district.
What makes this school unique is the communities passion towards the students, there is always a positive turnout of parents, students, an communities members at local functions.
The teachers at this school are always searching for new, fun, and engaging ways to make their subject enjoyable and make the overall learning experience better. With smaller class size McCall Donnelly really allows you to get the one on one help and support you need.
The health and safety policies at MDHS are outstanding. Bullying rarely occurs in the school and if it does the teachers always help and there is always a way for students to tell staff anonymously. We don't really have a school nurse the ladies at the front desk usually handle this. The school is very safe and prepares everyone with drills in case of emergency, I feel very safe here.
The extra curricular activities at MDHS are amazing, the school provides the typical ones of foreign language, arts, drama, science, and more. But what's great is they allow students to begin they're own club if they wish which the students greatly appreciate. This allows them to become more involved in the school and their peers.
The school do very good and put a lot of time and effort into making the school experience fun for the students, especially during homecoming week. What makes this school unique is the staff and the iPad's they supply to students which I really appreciate because I don't have a laptop of my own which meant I had to go to school early and stay late for hours to do homework until they gave us iPads. Even though iPads are still not as advance as the students need they are for better than nothing. I had a good 4 years at the school and if I had to I would do it again
I have had a great experience with most of the teachers at McCall Donnelly High School because they are kinda and know how to teach. However the math teachers are lacking besides Mrs. Masscaroni whom is the only math teacher who knows what she is doing. They have an amazing science program that interacts with students for the best educational experience. Overall the the teachers and their teaching skills are very good.
they deal best with the average typical student..not the ones on the two ends of the bell curve, both in academics and personality
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Our school is a 5 star rated school and number 1 in the state.
We are a very close knit class. We get very involved in activities and are very supportive of each other.
We are a small school with limited resources. Our winters are very long which means Spring sports are at a major disadvantage compared to other school of our size.

Fan support is okay. Student participation is pretty high. School spirit could be better.
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