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For my overall experience, I would have to give this school 5 stars. The only thing I do NOT like about this school is the food. They almost always give us the same thing! They barely ever give the most requested dishes. It is quite upsetting. Aside from that the teachers and students are great to interact with. I believe it would be fair to say everyone has at least one friend at school. I enjoy it here.
From 7th grade to now, my final year, McBee has always been a good and enjoyable place to be for me. Whether it be because of the teachers, or general nature of the school, I have never complained about having to go to school.
Many things about McBee High School are wonderful. The curriculum, the teachers, our loving fans are just a few. However, one thing is for certain and that is the vulnerability of my school with the new Anti-Bullying Program. Now students feel more targeted, and the "victims of bullying" terror everything with the threat of calling "Bully!" McBee High School has a wonderful staff, excellent teachers, an outstanding Agricultural Department, and amazing athletic ability. The bullying program is what sets us apart from being completely magnificent. That and the broken bathroom on the main hall.
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McBee High School is a small school located in the heart of McBee, South Carolina. We are a small town in South Carolina located about an hour away from our state capital Columbia. McBee maybe small in numbers but we have big hearts. It's like one big family but with any family we have our fair share of problems but at the end of the day we are there for each other and that's something you only learn in small towns like ours. I love McBee because it is part of me and will always be apart of my life.
You got the classes you need with no problem. You had to get your required courses first.
Its not the top of safety and health but i feel safe there.
There are many extracurricular activities to involved in. All are welcoming, and free.
The school is very welcoming. It tries to get everyone involve with the students' education.
They are very active and caring. They're all about helping students.
All of the students are taken care of very well.
There's a passionate atmosphere for all activities
The school has a warm, family environment.
All of the teachers are close with the students.
My favorite thing about Mcbee High is the sports.
There are some students here that participate in drug use, but the majority of students do not. There is not much bullying and the only fights that happen are between the druggies.
There are not very many extra-curricular activities to choose from.
The teachers here are either wonderful or awful, there is no in-between. They are either knowledgable and helpful, or they don't spend any time teaching and you're required to teach yourself.
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My school is very small, so I believe if we were provided better facilities the results would be amazing. especially our weight room. it's more like a weight bathroom its so small.
You can walk through this place and come out with a diploma with relatively no effort, but honors isn't exactly a walk in the park. We put in plenty of effort, and when you stack honors with extra-curricular activities, it becomes hard.
The level of support for clubs is practically non-existent. The main reason for this is the lack of membership in the clubs.
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