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I like the how close knit the entire community is at McBain. Many of the teachers already know a little bit about each student even if they aren't in any of their classes and the students get a great opportunity to bond with their teachers since they often have the same teacher for a subject as they go through high school. However, I wish that there were more extracurricular activities that aren't necessarily athletic related since the school is very focused on athletics and not everyone at the school has an interest in athletics.
The teachers and staff are very helpful and are here to help you learn the materials as best as you can. I would like to see more club/activity choices
With all the city support in anything the school does, the tight community, effectiveness of the teachers, and acceptance of people makes my school stand out.
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The interesting thing about my school is that we can participate in a band and a choir class and still have the requirements to graduate on-time. i would chose this school for the willingness of the teachers to help the students to go further in their knowledge and help direct them on a path to a successful life.
There are many teachers that ask for student input on what to teach as well as change lesson plans to accommodate the way the students learn best. The teachers are also very open with students and are there to help the students out with homework, inside and outside of the classroom.
Not a large amount of options, but the few options are of quality.
As a small school, there isn't a large amount of extra options, but what is there is decent quality.
As an intelligent student, most teachers go above and beyond to further ny knowledge.
Overall I love this school. Everybody knows everybody and because of this we are a great big family. My favorite experience was getting on homecoming court my sophomore year and go to Chicago with NHS members!!
Depends on the teacher. Some teachers work really hard to further the student as much as possible, and yet others just put in a movie and that is a typical routine for them. However the past few years our school has been gettting Advanced Placement classses which have improved potenial for the superior students.
Plenty of sports clubs such as basketball, cross country, track, baseball, football, and volleyball. However there are no other clubs other than National Honor Society. Therefore commitment level is typical of most schools with sports, but other classification is not applicable.
I believe our teachers push the students to be the best they can be. The students that are struggling also have good opportunities to get help. Our counselor works hard to get each students schedule to work with the classes they want to take.
I believe our teachers are very well educated and know how to teach. Each one of them puts in extra time and effort for the kids. If i ever was struggling i always felt comfortable asking that teacher for help. They all have a passion for teaching and for helping each student grow.
We have lots of help from our guidance counselor; she helps us figure out our schedules and is very involved with our individual college selection. Overall i think our school facilities fit the need we have right now. They make sure everything is working and is taking care of the needs of the students.
At my school sports is a big part of most peoples lives. We are very competitive and have a reputation of being one of the best sports teams in the area. We have athletic students hat also are some of the smartest students as well. The students that don't play sports are very supportive and have great school spirit.
I personally think we have great health and safety rules. I always feel safe at school and never threatened or scared to attend. Im sure there are kids that do go to my school that do not feel that way though. I think the staff handles bullying well and does not put it aside when it does happen.
The racial diversity at my school is not very high. We are mainly located in a dutch community where everyone is white and not used to being exposed to different ethnicities. For example, we only have one african american in our whole high school. I imagine it was difficult for him to get used to that because being of a different race is rare in our community.
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My school does not have many opportunities for extracurricular activities. Most of the options for participating in something after school would require you to want to take part in a sport. If that is the activity you want to be involved in then there are many options but if you want a club or something like that then opportunities are slim.
Since we are not a big school the lunch's are not the best. They do a good job with trying to add new meals every year. Also, in the past few years they have been trying to change to more healthier options. Having the option to have a salad everyday is an aspect that many students enjoy.
I would always choose to attend this school again if i had the chose; i would also want my kids to attend this school if possible. It is a small school that is very close knitted which is a unique aspect to have. Everyone knows each others names and their families. Many people are also related which at times can make it feel like one big family. Its not rare to see these people on the weekends as well, whether its at the store on Saturday or church on Sunday. Having a strong Christian community is what makes us unique and strong.
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