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McAuley Catholic High School Reviews

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McAuley is a great place to find involvement in athletics and also offers great opportunities with academics. The staff is friendly and small class sizes help create a good dialogue between students and teachers.
McAuley Catholic is a great school with many educated and dedicated teachers. The curriculum is my only complaint, the school does not challenge student academically.
The population was small which made it more intimate, and that is both a good thing and a bad thing. The atmosphere was laid back. Some teachers were stricter than other, some were more knowledgeable than others. Overall, a positive experience.
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I have had an amazing time in school at McAuley! The religion program provides us with great structure but is also accepting and relatable to non-Catholic students. This system has a great atmosphere with dedicated teachers and administration. I believe anyone considering a private education should strongly consider attending McAuley.
I have been going to school in this system for 13 years. I am very involved within the school. That is one thing I really like about it, the opportunities are abundant. With the school being so small it allows me to be very comfortable and out going. I feel like the size gave me confidence that going to a bigger school wouldn't give me. I think that we need to develop more school pride. The students need to be proud about their education. I think a few teachers are holding back the educational advancement of the school.
My school has very little terrible situations. My school I believe is relatively safe.
I love the small size and the initmate setting. However, this can also be a major disadvantage.
All of my teachers are wonderful human beings. Most of them are excellent at what they do.
I enjoyed almost every single aspect of the school. It was the best school I've been to in my life. I'm actually miss not being there.
They allow changes in the menu to meet ones needs depending on religious choices or dietary needs.
Everyone is encouraged to get involved with everything, parents included.
The teachers are encouraging and don't let the students down.
The teachers take the time to teach and even connect with the students. If something's wrong, school related or otherwise, they take the time to help with what they can do.
It gave me more knowledge than any public school I went to. The teachers were friendly, and religious freedom was allowed in every aspect.
Private Catholic school still accepts students who are not Catholic and treats them the same as others. Very easy process to enroll, with an interview, application, and transfer of grades. They also have payment plan for financing help.
Since it is small school you get a lot of playing time . Since it is a private school, we played public schools that were much larger and did quite well. Coaches stress to do your best and achieve.
Very heavy workload with a lot of college prep courses. Not easy to just slide through.
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Small class sizes - great one on one opportunities - lots of organizations to get involved in
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