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I loved that Mcallen High School really gave me the actual high school experience I wanted but I wish they would be involved more academically that sports wise.
Before I decided to attend McAllen High School, I considered choosing Lamar Academy due to its more impressive name recognition. However, the academic opportunities and spirited atmosphere of McHi drew me towards it, and I am very glad that I am graduating as a Bulldog. I have excelled in my years here at McHi and am graduating as a well-rounded individual prepared for my life ahead of me.
The problem with Mcallen high school is everything ,the school system involving mostly everything should be change because there is a really poor management with the school for example : the air condition is really terrible and the teaching system could be improved for students to get a better grade in SAT or ACT.
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There's a lot of tradition in McHi that students can come to appreciate and be a part of. People you meet can become some of your closest friends throughout these four years of studying. You always have that sense of pride within you when you walk through the halls or participate in school events. I've learned a lot from teachers here not just academically but I've grown into a better person with some of the incredible advice and support from some of the teachers I have had the incredible honor to learn from and talk to.
It has many organizations students may join and be a part of a group. Students and faculty are friendly, teachers mentor students to help them in any way.
The school is very spirited and have faith in what they do. They are excellent when it comes to academics, they push students to their full potential.
When I step into this high school it gives off a welcoming feeling, in a way where it feels like I’m home. The staff is friendly and helpful in many ways especially our counselors. Our counselors work extremely hard to direct students into the correct path and prepare them into the future. Not only does McAllen have amazing teachers they offer an abundance of great programs from certifying in phlebotomy/Pharmacy to becoming a pro athlete. What I would love to see for a change would be to offer more extracurricular school activities for seniors who are on their way to graduate and want to work on scholarships/ SAT’s registration and simply do not have time during the day, I know for a fact they’ll appreciate it. In conclusion McAllen high school students will not only graduate successfuly but will look back in time and wish to go back.
McAllen high school has a poor academic program and sports program. Their teachers are decent but they could use better programs for their students. However, the community is very involved in the school, providing a good sense of family.
I loved the environment of the school. There’s quite a diversity of people which make it so unique. You can talk to anybody and you will feel very welcomed . You feel safe as well since the police is always around and there’s a police station around as well.
Graduated in the year of 2013, High School for me was such a blast! & everyone is right, high school are the best 4 years of your premature life! The teachers I had during my time would go above and beyond with their students. I loved attending class, learning new concepts and subjects. Our pep rallies were the talk of the week, we would always have the best time.
I have had an unbelievable experience these past four years at McAllen High School. I was not just another name on the roster in the classroom, I was an individual who was appreciated, friends with and cared for by the teachers. The administrators and teachers are like no other at a high school. The administrators are very involved with the student body and in keeping our school spirit alive. The teachers I have had, are out of the ordinary. They go out of their way to help their students understand the materials, they encourage their students to go above and beyond with all of their work, and are also always there to help comfort you if you're feeling stressed or need someone to talk to. I am truly grateful I got to attend McAllen High School, I have had the experience of a lifetime.
What I love about McAllen High School is the traditions that are still held there even after many years. The school spirit is one of a kind and I'll miss all of the fun activities there were.
McAllen High School does a great job at making students and faculty feel safe. Academically, the school and faculty do the best they can to prepare students for college.
McAllen high school has become an AVID school this year (2018). With that being said, the teachers and students are great. Students are growing in their education and continuing their journeys to achieve their goal.
McAllen High School is a great learning environment that makes its students feel safe. The administration as well as teachers are amazing and are very involved. They offer a wide selection of clubs and activities which include sports and academic competitions that set the standard for other schools in South Texas. The only setback to the school's success is the poor limitations of the facilities at the school. While the school is well kept, it could use some renovations being almost 60 years of age. One of the biggest flaws it has is the fact that it is simply too small to successfully support the number of students on campus. Some classrooms intended for 25 students or less have 30+ being crammed into them. Overall McAllen High is an excellent school with outstanding faculty and is a great learning environment for any student.
When i think about my high school experience, there are many things that come to mind. Some of them are: good memories, bad memories, mistakes, lessons, happiness, heartbreak, misfortune, joy, drama, and most importantly, fun. High School to me seemed like it past by really fast, almost too fast sometimes. I learned many valuable life lessons as well as made life long friends. I learned the value of hard work, dedication, and also how to tell your real friends from the others. It was tough but overall a great experience.
McHi gives so much support to academics, sports, and their fine arts. Students are involved in so many things at once. There’s no “status quo.”
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Overall the school is good, teachers are great, and for the most part the students are too. It is a school where you learn what you need to learn and are given opportunities to advance more. It is a school where the staff, whether it be the teachers of administrators, are always willing to help no matter what.
As my senior year is coming to a close, I can reflect on the past four years and genuinely say that I have enjoyed my time attending McAllen Highschool. I was given all of the resources and opportunities to succeed, and I feel prepared for college. There are plenty of sports and organizations that are always available, and easy to join. This was very useful when it came time to apply to colleges. Although, I think the school is very crowded and full- so students don't get as much one on one help that they may need. The high school has the "Go-Center" which helps students with things like college and financial aid, and I think that's great. Although, I think students should be exposed to it more frequently so that when they're seniors, they will already be comfortable using that resource.
Seeing the things that just happened in Florida, I'd like there to be LESS entrances to Mchi. There is an entrance to every hallway, like 6 doors in the front of the school, an more than ten around the annex area. (not including the gym entrance and the entrance in a extra hallway we have. it is very easy for anyone to come in and shoot up this school. not only that but we have like one security guard here everyday. My point is, SAFETY. please, and thank you
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