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I went to this school about 27 years ago. I graduated from there as a young mom. I thought back then it was a great school but I am finding out 27 years later they were so disorganized that they have “misplaced” my records and have to reconstruct my transcripts and I have lost a great potential job because the school had “poor record keeping”. If anyone else went to McAllister and graduated in late 1990 and is having a hard time getting a copy of your diploma or your transcripts please message me.
I love this school because it has helped me in my education and overall with my baby.
Mcalister high school is small but clean bathrooms are always clean and the air conditioner amd heater work fine.
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We dont reallt have clubs or sports but we have yoga and thier is a program call the delta team that would come every friday and do activities with us.
Mcalister is reallly so there is hardley amy peer presure. There is lots of atguements because there is many moody pregnant girls and is an all girl school. Most of the time we all participate and tryvour best to get along.
At Mcalister they always will letvus take our own water and healrhy snacks for example i would take fruit. They also provided free lunch and nutrition. It was what most Laisd school eat.
I really appreciate who ever came up with this school. I thibk is great that they did a regular highschool for teen moms. Is awsun how thiers a daycare right next door while we are getting our education. Mcalister is a great school and gives many good information about programs and helps us continue with school.
At Mcalister students will start school at 8:30 a.m and school will end by 12:30 p.m. Our school had pretty much most topics like marh, english, history, p.e, and electives. Are curiculum involved some time to discuss about our babys future or activies we could do with our children.
Teachers and staff at Mcalister were great they always try to encourage us and provide many programs for us moms. Some of them are El Nido family program, aim for teen moms,and Delta. They always give us great information. They also stay on top of us for we can pass all of our classes to graduate on tiThe dress code was just conftorabble or
Since Mcalister was a teen mom school we didnt really did sports but we will do yoga every thursday.
After graduation i felt prepared for college. 8 knew i had to continue school even if i was a young mother. Many young mothers decide to quit school and i disnt want to make that mistake. To me my education is very important and i know is better for my families future.
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