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McAlester public school system is the only one I have attended throughout my education. Teachers and support staff are willing to help you in any case scenario. They have helped me gather the information or told me directly where to get it from throughout my years of attendance. Although it is the largest system in the Pittsburg County area the teachers try to learn more about you on a personal level to ensure you are getting the education you deserve.
I loved being in Band and getting to know many of the other students and form bonds as well and their honors program is amazing. They have great teachers and the students are equally viewed by most teachers. If I could change one thing, I would change the lack of communication between the main office and the students which has been enhanced by the student council but needs more improvement.
To be honest, Mcalester High School brought me so many great memories and led me to meet many great people. The thing I appreciate the most are all of the life lessons it taught me, the good and the bad. I would love to see the environment itself to change. The students aren’t very open and welcoming to people who think more creatively. Everyone deserves to feel important.
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McAlester High school is an overall good school, the teachers are there to help you through all problems, academic and personal. The help I receive from the schools through the teachers and programs that are always avaliable to me, make me feel as though I’m not alone throughout the high school expirence.
In 2012 I started my freshman year at Mcalester high school. As a fifteen year old; I was excited yet very nervous about a new school. There were two classes in particular that made me feel "powerful" both classes had freshman threw seniors in them. Band and Yearbook. In band I played the trombone. I wasn't very good at all but my instructors never made me feel less. Yearbook was a laidback class. Nothing was actually a individual grade it was about team work. Yearbook class made me put my self out in the real world and talk to people I live around. Inside these two classes I gained confidence when speaking, self love, and a bit of sass. because of the classes Mcalester high school offered I accepted myself and I found my voice.
McAlester High School needs improvement. The majority of teachers don't even want to be there. They tell us to "look busy," so we sit on our phones, which we could do at home. I come to school to learn, not play on my phone. The cafeteria doesn't have enough food for the students most days. We get a piece of bread and expired raisins when they run out of the main tray. The food isn't even decent. It is really unappealing.
I love the teachers. If I need help I can get it. The computers work when we need them. Making friends is easy. Teachers work with the students.
I am a sophomore at Mcalester High School and from what I’ve experienced so is that the School is average. It’s nothing too great. The teachers aren’t wonderful and the academically there isn’t much
My son attended Mcalester high school he was an honor student and had great teachers and councilors to help him get ready for college and a great future
I liked all of the teachers and how they could relate to us. I would change the amount of homework and tests that we have. We get stacked with both and its challenging sometimes.
I like McAlester high school the education there is good. The teacher's are nice. They will help you if you are failing. All the teachers want to see all the student graduate. The staff is great they clean the bathrooms good. The cooks are nice they cook pretty good. The whole school is great. The one complaint I do have though is PDA. You see it a lot in the hallways. They make sure the teachers don't see but all the students can. Other than that I have good experiences with McAlester highschool
i like the people i meet and some of my teachers but i dont like that we didnt get teach well and how poor our school was
McAlester High School has brought me very few ways to be challenged academically. I have been bored in a lot of my classes. Very few staff members actually care for their students improvement, but I was lucky enough to have some of those teachers: the ones that personally invest themselves in their students lives to ensure they have the best learning opportunities that the McAlester staff can offer.
I like the options we have at MHS, but one thing I would like to see change would be the cleaning methods around the school.
I enjoyed my first two years of high school, however, the last two years have been a struggle. Our school district favors all sports and doesn't do much to improve how non-athletic students are treated equally. Changing that would definitely improve my school.
I love my high school, I love all the staff and fellow students. If there was one thing I would improve it would be having more hours for a class so we don't have to hurry through a lesson.
Teachers, coaches and staff are all wonderful. This is my daughter's freshman year and so far everything is going great.
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Mcalester highschool is one of the best.Every teacher I have had always finds a way of teaching that fits people individually.All of the students at mcalester highschool are all nice to each other.In highschool you have the groups.Football,cheerleaders,"nerds",
Band ,etc.we have all of theses groups but we don't have a lot of bullying ,of course there's some drama but what school does not have drama.mcalester highschool is where I've made some great memories with my friends.on a scale of 1-10 mcalester highschool is definitely a 10!!!
I can't say I truly liked anything about McAlester High School. I could honestly buy better food at the gas station down the road. The teachers and councilors really did not do anything to prepare me or anyone for college. The only plus is that the sports and ag facilities are very well maintained, the actual school building itself is sad, in 2012 the ceiling tiles in the hall were missing, 2016 when I graduated they still had not been replaced.
I'm currently attending, but I like the fact that MHS gives opportunities to students to take college classes to prepare them for college. There are a few things that I would like to see change though, including the food and the teachers involvement in activities along with studies.
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