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My experience at McAdory was good. The school itself could be reconstructed again,but the people inside those four walls taught me a lot about myself and life beyond school. I appreciate how McAdory expands pass the normal and gives a variety of challenging obstacles. For McAdory in the future I hope to see it grow more as a school and really do bigger things and get more exposer out there to the world.
It is just crazy that when they had the chance to build a NEW school they decided to restore the old one! Instead they should have tore it down and built a new one! We look around at all the new schools built in our system and they are so nice and ours isn’t nor is it handicapped accessible for all the activities at the school !
I have attend this school for a year and a half,within the first year this school has improved my gpa. There are plenty of opportunities for improvement and you just have to take advantage.
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My experience at McAdory High School has been one of those that you’ll never forget . I’ve had my share of ups and downs here , but overall MHS is a good school .
I am a current student at Mcadory High School. I am a senior and have had a change in administration every year since I've attended. WE do not have many resources and are not well prepared for college nor the ACT or SAT. We have a few, but only a few teachers who will sit down and provide you with helpful, beneficial tips and advice for your future.
Starting my freshman year, the school was at its best, however, it seems that things started to decline as the years went by. I liked mostly all of my teachers, as many of them help their students and were enjoyable to be around. Most of my electives were great, but some were completely different and a let down from what was expected. There are many after-school activities, but unless you're part of football, you're probably going to have to do some fundraising to earn money for them. Also, the block scheduling needs to be improved or thrown out. I've gone literally the entire year of 2017 without having a single math class before taking Calculus. It has also ultimately resulted in them doing nothing with our 2nd period my last school year. It lasted a whole semester and something could have been done with it. Overall, I had a decent high school experience, but by my senior year, I was glad to leave. Seeing that the school has changed principals again, I can only hope for the best.
I rate my school 3/5 because my school does not get you ready for college at all. Maybe 1 or 2 classes do but majority no.
Mcadory shaped who I am today and I am proud of that, but I do feel like Mcadory could be very much improved. I do not feel educationally prepared for college as far as academic knowledge and work ethic, but I do know how to communicate with a variety of people because of the diversity.
My experience at mcadory was a fun but at the same time a very good learning experience & taught me a lot about growing as a person , i wouldn’t change anything about the school
Mcadory is an interesting school. Some students have a good experience and others not so much. For me, it was just school. I had my good times and not so good times. Mcadory has many sports and extracurricular activities. Many of those who join seem to enjoy it. This school has school spirit for sure. As for the academics, that’s up to the student to decide.
I have been at McAdory since my 9th grade year. After coming from a private middle school, I wanted change, in a good way of course. The principle that was there my 9th grade year was an excellent principle who had the students engaged in the best activities. After 9th, we ended up getting a new principle. From my 10th grade year til now, I have not fully enjoyed my time there. I have been on the debate team, I am in NHS and Mu Alpha Theta, so I was active. Everything was just unorganized to me.
McAdory High School has a great atmosphere. Students that attend are like a family and the range of students is very diverse. McAdory High has multiple great fine arts programs.
I love my school and campus of McAdory High School. The teachers are very helpful in anything and everything they achieve. We have many clubs and organizations that help the young minds and adult prepare for the future.
I enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion expressed by the teachers as they prepared us for our future experiences that were soon to come as we walked across the stage to graduate.
The teachers are very helpful and teach very interactively and one-on-one. The food could definately be better.
The school is supported by the community. Students have grown up together and often feel like a family atmosphere. The School doesn't adequately prepare students for college.
I like how we are like a family. We look after each other no matter what it is. Some of the teachers care but i wish all would get on the same page. There are some teachers who push you to do your absolute best and they will stop at nothing to make sure you are where you need to be and i love that about them. Although they wont do the work for you, but give you the courage and knowledge to make it through it.
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I love the fact that Mcadory is a small school and community. The community is very tight and stand together for our kids. My kids have had some really good teachers that care about their students education. My sons English teacher Mrs. Freeman has gone over and beyond for my son. She prepared him for the ACT and wrote letters of recommendations for him for college. She invest in the kids and that is very important to me as a parent. I would encourage any parent to send their child to Mcadory. As first I was very concerned about sending my kid to Mcadory. The overall experience has been great
McAdory is an average school. A couple things I would change is the teaching staff. There is only a handful of teachers who actually care about their students. These teachers put in overtime just to prepare us for after high school and life.
McAdory is a unique school. The student body is a true family. What I would like see changed though is the separation made by the faculty and staff. I have also notices that they are too concerned about head phones and food to even be bothered thinking about the ACT. As for college readiness we have none. The best my teachers, principals, and counselors could think of to help us was creating a remind account. Out of the entire school only one adult has ask me if I had done everything that I need to do for college and that was my English teacher. another wonderful idea the school had was to was to bribe the senior class with ice cream so that we would all apply for college. I feel as though these people who are suppose to help me with my future find the easiest and laziest way to get out of doing their jobs.
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