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I liked that the school allowed us to be hands on when learning in certain subjects. My favorite class was engineering. My overall experience was average because they didn't have enough sports programs.
It's a good enough school that I stayed for all four years right? I can confidently say that I have no regrets. I am taking college classes, taking part in extracurricular activities, and expanding my horizons. This school can easily get 5 stars from me if they added a cupcake bar.
Loved it. Many great opportunities for those that want them. If looking to cruise through high school and do nothing. Don't apply.
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I am a senior at Mc2 Stem. Mc2 Stem is unquestionably an excellent school. This STEM-based school takes students from all over and supplies them with an education that regular students would love to have. With engineering as its focus, they challenge us with seven years of engineering classes in just four years. That's four years of high school leveled and three years of College leveled courses. The school had endless opportunities to help its students succeed in life after high school. GE employees offer the students mentorship. The students are given a chance to take outside college courses simultaneously with high school courses or as a supplement.
Great opportunities, early college preparation, free college classes, project based learning using a mastery system, and unique school culture all make for an interesting and insightful school which well prepares and grooms its students for success.
I love it at Stem. I do feel what should change is just the kids in general. They are sort of hard to handle. But the classes are great and the opportunities are great. We get a lot of help and a lot of time to learn and correct ourselves simply because we are a mastery-based school. That is what I like the most. That instead of working on something that year then you either pass or fail, we get to work on it all four years of high school.
Great public school option. Mentorship opportunities available to all students. Internship opportunities supported & strongly encouraged. Many students earn college credits while also earning high school graduation requirements.
More electives for kids with artistic abilities like drawing, painting, singing, and dancing. More opportunities and internships for kids who want to pursue a career other than engineering
I love that the school is hands on. Each quarter we have a project that will incorporate each subject: Math, Science, History, and English. While we work on those subjects, we build something in our engineering class that will be used to present what we've done in the subjects. For example, last year, we were told to make a song. In math we learned about rhythm, in history we learned how previous rappers and songwriters used the free flow of music to their advantage. Finally in English we learned how Alliteration, Rhyme, Assonance and more song enhancer's can be powerful when writing a song. While writing our song, we were building a sound booth using all the materials that a real sound booth has.
Some of the teachers are really cool. The mastery system really helps. The three week breaks are nice. No extracurricular activities, but doesn't really matter.
I like everything the school has to offer. It has so many opportunities just waiting there for someone to come and get them. Their administration and teachers are just outstanding and efficient. The school is very well rounded with it's three locations all around the metropolitan area. The only thing I'll like for the school to change is for it to have more sports, club and activites for the student to participate in but other than that, the school is just amazing with a lot of opportunities waiting to be snatched up by someone.
MC2 STEM is an amazing school to attend. They have three different locations where 9th graders are at the Great Lakes Science Center, 10th graders at General Electric (GE), and 11th/12th are at Cleveland State University. There are so many opportunities to participate in with top STEM companies. You're able to earn a college degree in high school by having the opportunity to take college courses at Universities and Community Colleges. I did have some dislikes about the school for two reasons. Teachers kept coming in and out of the school and students wasn't able to learn the full concept of the subject we needed to learn in my opinion and they didn't have a lot of sports you can choose from. However, this school only been open for about 5 years but overall I would recommend it for students especially students who want to work in the STEM field.
The academic could be better but they really challenge us
We only have a handful of clubs
I am taking college classes while in high school and they fully support me and understand my situations
The school has bedbugs and that's a problem that needs to be fixed but the rest of the school is okay.
MC2STEM doesn't have sports such as soccer, football,basketball,or cheerleading but other things that most kids are interested in such as FABLAB.
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A lot of the parents attend ceremonies , parent teacher conferences and worry about there grades so they know there child's strengths and weaknesses so they can help them improve.
Some of the teachers reach out and want to understand the students whereas others don't really care to push students to there full capability and they try not to motivate them to do outstanding work.
We have never had a nursing station.
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