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Mc Lain Community High School Reviews

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It's a great small cozy school if you want the easiest, quickest possible way to earn your diploma. At the same time, you have to be willing to deal with brain-dead, drug addicted idiots on the daily because that is sadly what most of this school is made of. Headphones will do the trick though! I've had a 4.0 for 2 years straight, this school is amazingly simple!
I would definitely choose College America all over again if I had the choice. This is the best most attentive school I have ever attended and I really do enjoy it.
The instructors at College America's- Independence University are wonderful. They are kind and courteous. They go above and beyond to make sure that their students for each course are understanding the course material and are able to complete the work on time and correctly without feeling discouraged.
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My school offers a lot of elective courses that are very physically engaging, such as hiking, health and fitness, golf and so on. I love all of them and they each give me a chance to move around instead of sitting in my chair inside. The students also love these courses and we are usually never bored.
My school doesn't offer very many extracurriculars personally but we are teamed up with many schools in our district that give student many options!
The academic program at my school is fabulous! The amount of and variety of classes offered is tremendous! Most of them are also very hands on and use real world examples for us to learn. I never get bored and am always eager to see what my classes are going to teach me!
My school is unique in many ways because it welcomes all students, those who may have messed up earlier in their high school career, and students looking for alternative options other than a traditional high school. It gives us all a fresh start in getting as much as we can out of our education. The students are very friendly and the teachers are heaven sent! They are willing to do what ever it takes to help you understand or get the most out of what you are being taught!
Best teacher's and staff i have ever had, I feel welcome and wanted at my school. They are on top of everything and are always there to assist you with anything and have never failed to help make getting my education as fulfilling as possible!
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