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Mc Clave Undivided High School Reviews

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It is a good school, that has great lunches. It was not my option to come here, it was my parents and I am glad that they decided to bring me here. It is a very good school because you get one on one from the teachers.
McClave is a small town and community, so everybody is involved with what goes on. Everybody knows every bodies name and the support of anything you do is amazing.
This school provides a learning environment with small classes.
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Teachers genuinely care about the students.
There are quiet a few choices at our school. We have FFA, FBLA, Knowledge Bowl, STUCO, and sports. All of these extracurricular activites are great here! Anybody that works at this school or is from this community supports each activity. When students join, they are very involved and work hard in each one to make the group/club better.
Our school is old, but they do their best at keeping every little thing up to date, and make sure all things are safe. Our guidance conselor, is the best out there, she will do anything it takes to make sure you have everything ready for college, help you with filling scholarships out. Also she is great beause she will push you to do your best and make sure your happy with everything you have done. She is amazing at what she does! Tutoring is another great thing our school has, we have tutoring after school if needed, and every Friday from 9am-12pm, with two or three teachers there to help.
The teachers here have a lot of interest in the students. They are always willing to help and give extra help to those who want or need it. Between the teachers and the students the communication is awesome, if we the students need to get ahold of a teacher for a question or what the assignment was while over the weekend, we can email the teachers or go to our school website where they post our assignments as well.
The teachers are great! They will do their best to help you understand everything they are teaching, they will also stay after school to help you if you need it. Yes the teachers do give us homework, but not a lot enough to where we can get it done and still be able to have the rest of the night to relax.
Our school is all about safety, from the school nurse, to staff.
The involvement of the principal, guidance counselors, etc.. is great! they all care and are willing to help any way they can.
Its great, all the teachers are very helpful and there when you need them. Also the parents are very involved in our school system
We as student athletes care a lot about our sports, we push and work hard to do our best. Our school has a lot of fan support. Every game, the gym is packed with fans dressed in their red and white. Cheering us on as loud as possible. When we have to travel to other schools to play, our fans are always there with us.
The food is okay, but its easy to get use too. When we started getting more healthier food, it was hard at first to be able to eat it , but after awhile it got better. Our school food has never been horrible, it has always tasted great.
Several teachers go above and beyond to help students while others are only there for a pay check.
There is no real fitness program unless you are in a sport and become conditioned in that sport.
The school has just added on and made improvements to the building. The technology is always on the leading edge.
I thought all of the teachers were great because they really cared about the students. I also felt like their standards helped to push us to succeed and to learn beyond the curriculum.
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The school wholly supports the clubs and organizations that we did have, but we only had FFA and FBLA. I wasn't in either club because I didn't think that these clubs represented what I wanted to do with my life.
We didn't have a guidance counselor or anything like that. You could talk directly to the principal if you had an issue with bullying or whatever, although that didn't happen very often to my knowledge. If there was a violation of the dress code, the principal would take you inter her office and let you know that if you wore those clothes again, you would be sent home and made to change.
I liked going to McClave because it was the best school in the area where I lived. It had a small community that was supportive. The teachers were the best people, and we got a chance to get to know them, and they got to know us. I would have chosen this school time and time again if given the chance to go back and make the choice.
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