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Mazama was overall, a good school. The administrators were quite strict. The thing is, when there was something happening with a less liked student it would get pushed to the side. They also had no idea of the amount of students that were suicidal, feeling suicidal, etc. They have good rules for transgender students, they're allowed to use their respective bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. Of course, its Klamath falls, so diversity would already be low. There were quite a few LGBTQ+ kids though. A lot more bullying was able to slip under the radar, administrators kind of made me uncomfortable, as well as there was 5ish bomb threats from the time I was there.
For Klamath Falls standards, this is a fantastic school. For larger city standards, this is an okay school.
Mazama has a lot of friendly people, very tight group of people everyone knows just about everyone. Most teachers are very helpful and willing to help students after school before and help them succeed.
I enjoy Mazama very much! The teachers are very helpful and really care about you and your future as well as your personal issues. It is easy to make friends and to maintain good grades as long as you put in the work. Mazama is the best school and I am glad I have been going here.
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The Teachers are all willing to spend their time with students, time outside side of school. Students are also willing to help tutor. There is quite an array of class decisions which I love.
Mazama High School Has a great theater program for all of the students. You become a family with them and its great. There are nice teachers here too.
I love how teachers really help you throughout your years. The assemblies are getting better each time and having a sparrow to help out really shows the great character of our students and staff. Something that maybe should change is the parking lot cameras, too many people cause accidents out there and get away with it.
It has the most electives of any high school in the county, and I've attended four of them. I wish i had gone to Mazama all four years.
When I was in high school the teachers and staff were very friendly and supportive. They encourage students to reach their full potential and encourage participation in other community activities. I always felt like I could go to any staff member with my problems, and get the best advice.
There are some great teachers , but there are many who are not so great. It is the same with the faculty, there are those who want you to succeed, and there are those who don't care. I really did enjoy my time there, because of those who desire the students success.
Mazama High School is not just a facility for education, but also a place for opportunity. Growing up in a small community, Mazama has allowed me the ability to branch out and see the world beyond Klamath Falls through sports, clubs, and even some of my classes. From the dedicated teachers to the hard-working staff members, I have attended a school that pushes students to work hard and learn to become themselves. I hope to see Mazama become a stronger and more beautiful school for the rest of the community to embrace.
Mazama High School offers a broad variety classes, including classes that offer dual-credit. This school is positive as a whole, and the teachers are great.
Mazama has a high enrollment of low poverty students. The teachers want the students to do well and reach out to them. If students are struggling teachers help. Parents and teachers take on the responsibility of children other than their own. When students are involved in clubs or after school activities, it keeps them out of trouble and involved in the school and community. Athletics/Clubs play a key part in a student staying in school and interested in learning. It makes students accountable to someone other than their families (which some students who have little to no support at home). I get to know the kids my children spend time with during practice and have them over for dinner. We all help one another out.
most of the extracurriculars that i did where sports, the coaches were great, but the AD was not
ive had some really great friends! they have awesome parents and we always have a good time, i wouldn't have changed much about my high school experience.
I have had both ends of the spectrum, I had some amazing teachers who I got to be close with over the years and really enjoyed their classes. I have also had some teachers who lost my work, gave me poor grades seemingly out of spite and just didn't really seem tot care whether their students passed or not.
There is a large variety of academics available at Mazama. Each year since I've been here there has been at least one new class or addition to a class. For the 2016-2017 school year, an orchestra class and a class that will be growing food are being added to the curriculum.
There is a lot of diversity here. Some areas are lacking, but overall there a large amount of diversity. There is a large Hispanic and Native American in this area.
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I enjoy watching the sporting events
The sport events are fun to watch and there is so much support! Lots of school spirit!
School safety here is okay, but it could be better. There have been incidents in the past, such as bomb threats, that were dealt with swiftly. Fights do happen on school grounds that staff may not know about right away.
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