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Maywood Middle School Reviews

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This is a great school and academically challenging. The campus is beautiful after recent renovations and the students are caring and accepting.
I'm a pretty good student. I won "charger of the year" back in 2012 but that doesn't change how much I despised middle School. This is not a place for your average kids. This is a place for the populars and jocks. Everyone else is left behind, has no voice, and is put into uncomfortable situations due to peer pressure and cruel teachers. Students will ignore you if they don't have anything to gain from you. The new friends you will make most likely won't even be your friends when you graduate high school. Overall, this was the worst 3 years of my life.
Maywood has a very welcoming environment with beautiful facilities and teachers that care. They fully prepared my son for Liberty High and beyond. Outstanding school!
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Maywood is a pretty good school academically and the administration really tries to promote student safety and togetherness
Its okay. I mean it into terrible but some teachers could teach better
Everything is fine except for the occasional cigarette or joint in the bathroom
The extra curricular programs and activities are great, it's just the teachers they choose as advisors that ruin it.
This school itself was amazing. It was only the people who made it miserable for me. All the teachers I had were amazing and helpful. The 8th grade cruise was awesome and a fun time for the whole grade.
All teachers at Maywood were amazing to me. They all teached wonderfully and were very nice. My rating could be higher if I hadn't heard about a few teachers and their attitudes toward a few students.
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