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Maywood Academy High School Reviews

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Great professors, calm and safe environment, and most importantly many available resources. Throughout my high school experience, I met many great teachers who always tried helping one way or another. The resources they would provide for each of their students was exceedingly appreciated. The environment was always very peaceful, never much of a scandalous school, not problematic at all. The rest of the administration faculty were very nice, always smiling and making sure everyone felt safe. The school would always remain clean and the food was great.
During my years at Maywood Academy I have loved all my classes and teachers. The teachers are very dedicated to making sure all the students understand the classes and end with a good grade. The teachers are also very helpful with preparing us for our future, they make sure we know what we need to succeed in our future. Although, if i could change anything it would be the school spirit, i wish the students and school were more involved in making the school year a bit more fun and interesting.
This school is in need of clubs and student participation. The lack of this adds to a very average highschool expericne. Expecially when compared to the rival highschool bell.
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Maywood academy is a very good school that provides students who try hard lots of opportunities and have some really good teachers.
My expierence at MAywood Academy is very average not so good or not so bad.Some teachers there can be the most nicest/helpful people and will take the time to help you and make sure you understand the subject others will leave it to you and see what you do .I would of liked it better if there was tutoring for every subject i believe that would help everyone else alot . I believe this would help students improve much better in any class they are having trouble in .
Everyone in school are always in high spirit and always busy to achieve greatness in their everyday life. Even though everyone is competitive, everyone know the value of working hard and earn what we deserve. School does not have school spirit, which makes high school fun, the students and staff are very unique and excited to be with.
My experience at Maywood Academy High School has been the best. Throughout these 4 years, there have been many changes in my life. Time passes so fast that I do not want to leave high school even though I believe that I am ready for college. The senior counselor and the assistant college counselor are very helpful and they are there whenever I need help with my college questions.
My experience as a student in maywood academy is the saftey at the school. Maywood is a bully free zone, where a kid is respected for who they are no matter gender, race, or sexual preference. In addition Maywood Academy is a school where they take education very seriously. They have a good reputation and won Bell high school in test scores. Something i really want to see change is the culture diversity. As i recall we are 99.9% hispanic.
It was a decent school, since it was a low income school we didnt have access to a lot of resources, parents weren't very involved. But if you put yourself out there like I did, there are many ways you can succeed (senior year I was Valedictorian and Student Body President)
I would like some of the staff to not work there anymore. Especially an English teacher who recently returned but was kicked out a while ago due to acting inapropriate to the students.
That you don't really need to feel that your an outsider because is a small school that you can practicly know everyone. There isn't much hate or bullying pretty safe.
It has been a great environment for learning, but it could have been better since it didnt have the full high school experience.
This school is very small and doesn't offer the full high school experience you might want. However, it is decent despite it's uniform policy. Good school if you don't want all the excitement.
I would like to see a change in diversity and teaching. This school needs to improve in educating the teenagers about their future and college.
Such a great experience it's hard to leave it all behind and say goodbye once graduation comes along. Teachers show enthusiasm in the classroom which keeps students engaged. They are passionate, inspirational, and show general interest in the well being, and future of their students.
Maywood academy high school is a good institution, yes it has its flaws and yes it is small but i find it better because you build a little community around yourself.
The environment there is great and everyone is really friendly. Teachers will always help you out when needed.
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Maywood Academy High School helps students benefit from their free tutoring program provided after school. If Maywood could improve on something it would be on the courses it offers, like adding more AP courses.
It's an amazing school to attend. Most of the teachers are really cool to have and talk to. There are a ton of classes we can take Our sports that are decent are swimming, water polo, mens basketball team, and both soccer teams.
I love how there's some teachers that don't doubt you & keep trying to do their best to help you pass a class for you to graduate.
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