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The teachers are involved in your work and help you try to understand concepts you dont understand. We have lots of avaliable resources. We have chromebooks and a library full on books that can help us. We dont have much diversity but I feel challenged in some classes which I like
Out of the four years that I have spent here, it was not all that bad. Sure, the school it's self couldn't remain a constant temperature or that one year the heat turned off too early. However, that is all getting fixed. What really makes the school, is that even through the nasty conditions the school is able to stick together. Students would bring in blankets and share with others. As well as the teachers let this happen because they do care. They might not be the greatest at teaching what we're suppose to know, but they care and try. That, I think, is what really matters.
Mayville High School has strong music and athletic programs that allow a sense of pride for students. There are a variety of clubs and organizations for students to interact in their communities. However, with a consistent flow of staff it is difficult for both pupils and teachers to understand their environments, what their futures will bring. Moreover, offered classes are inconsistent and AP or high level courses are not taught consistently.
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The school offers everything you need to be prepared for college.
My children are involved in many clubs and have had great experiences that they will remember for a lifetime.
Some of the teachers go above and beyond to see the children succeed. They take the time to explain so that the student understands.
Both my kids have done well and had a great experience.
Most people feel healthy and safe. Out community doesn't leave us with the need to have over the top security at the school.
There are many all over the board and everyone is welcomed.
My overall experience was great. I was able to do what I wanted and there was always someone there for me.
The teacher are there when you need them and will not turn away or give up on you.
Bullying here is getting smaller and smaller due to the Be the Change club who has once a year an activity where bullying is discussed and delt with. I feel relatively safe here because there aren't any major safety issues or security issues that would be harmful. For the most part this school is pretty average when it comes to all of this and is quite safe to be at.
There are plenty of clubs to join in and other activities that are there for you to do. In each club there are a decent amount of people in each group that are passionate about that club or activity. Everyone is supportive of what each club or activity is representing and everyone only wants what's best for the school and community.
There are many things that could be changed in my school for instance we could use a better and bigger auditorium. At MHS we are known for our music department, but sometimes it's hard to put on shows and performances with such a bad stage and small seats. I do love this school except for all the drama and stupid people that happen to be there, but that'd never going to change because all schools have those people.
I had GREAT 4 years at MHS but was a ruff few years of poor coaching on our Varsity football team that's for sure! Many VEry good players would not play for the Head coach who was unfortunately my coach for 3yrs as I also decided not to play for him my sophomore year. Luckily for my younger brother has a new coach and winning coach for top division 1 schools and our previous coach that took us allmost to the state championship back in early 2000. Amazing baseball team we have played together since 3rd grade. Some teacher's better than others. Could offer more college prep courses and transferable credit's.
I was involved in a lot of clubs and organizations during high school.
I was heavily involved in the music program when I went to this school. The music direct was amazing and made my high school experience great.
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They are Ok. I would describe most of them as the classic high school teacher, meaning they sometimes engaged the students and provided interesting materials.
The teachers here are overall nice people who care about our education and want us to succeed in life. They are well knowledged when teaching their subject. Some lack in grading, because we have to wait so long to get a grade back. They are only looking out for our well-being and hope for us to accomplish whatever we want in life, which I apprciate.
This school is pretty okay. There are a lot of unreasonable things that happen. They will give you a detention with out telling you why. The lunch is pretty bad. You do not get a lot to eat.
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