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Very bad at teaching terrible teachers. Bullying out of control. Students not learning well. Low ammount of time in each class. Absouetly the worst school in michigan. Bad at everything needs a whole new staff or to be shut down for good.
One thing I love about the high school I currently go to, are the small class sizes. Its great for one on one time with your teacher. If you are ever confused about the subject, you never have to worry about being a forgotten raised hand.
One thing I would like to see change with the overall school district, is how below the poverty line we are. Mayville schools has been on the verge of closing for years now. I think if we changed a few things, like funding for sports, eureka math, and under-qualified teachers, the school might actually have a chance at bringing in some extra kids to teach.
I have been a student here my whole life and I can say that I have enjoyed my time here. Not only can I always count on the teachers, but I have also made friendships that will last a lifetime. Because of this small-town school, I will remember my high school career as the best four years of my life.
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Mayville schools is a good school with a lot of school pride. There are a few changes with the education, but they are manageable. The sports are great, and the teachers will help you if you are slipping.
Since Mayville Schools do not have a large student body, there are some sports we struggle in and I feel like lack of students is the reason. Also there are not many clubs to join, and I do believe there are only around 5. Most students are multi-sport athletes due to the need to have the numbers to even have a team, which does mean it is extremely easy to play a sport because there are rarely ever cuts made. The coaching staff mostly consists of teachers as well.
Mayville High School sometimes gets a bad reputation due to the size and small number of students, but I do not regret attending here because it has made me the person I am today and I have learned so much. This knowledge I have gained was not only academically through some of the dedicated teachers, but from my peers as well. I will be graduating this year with approximately 48 students, which greatly shocks some people. We are more of a family then classmates, I personally have known most of these students I am graduating with since the 1st grade. Whenever someone needs help, or a tragedy occurs we all rally around these individuals to try and help the best we can. If I could do it over again I cannot say I would do it any differently.
At Mayville High Schools there are two different types of teachers, who are vastly different. There are teachers who love their jobs, go the extra mile when helping students in and outside of the classroom, and take pride in helping children learn and prepare them for the world after high school. With these excellent teachers come teachers who express dislike in their career choice, are not actively trying to help educate the students learn, and are rarely available for extra help that may be needed. Thankfully the ratio of these poor teachers is much less than the amount of amazing educators who do are excellent at their job.
Honestly, this is a small town: we've never had to worry much about safety. The only major measure we've taken is visitor sign-in. The security is laid back, but we're not open campus either.
There are hardly any extracurricular activities offered at this school. This is our worst department. We are in an independent sports league division. The clubs consist of: academic teams, Spanish club, SADD club, NHS, Student Council, FYI, and sportsmanship club. That is all of them. They are not free either. There is Band and yearbook, but those are electives in classroom, so I can't count them. This makes it hard for college to choose our students, because there's hardly anything to be involved inat this school.
Unfortunately, the school administration has taken a few hits, especially in the financial planning department. We do not get the funding for the latest and greatest technology and books. We do; however, make sure that we make the best with what we do have. I was lucky enough to get the advanced education that I wanted at this school and I will thank them for that. I will not say that everyone in the administration is on their best fame, because we have had major changes in the last few years that I'm not certain how I want to credit them. Honestly, the teachers do more than anyone else in the district.
The teachers at Mayville are all very hardworking and genuinely care about the students. The school doesn't get sufficient funding, but the teachers do their best to make engaging lessons instead of just notes. Some of the teachers make the classroom challenging in order to prepare students for college where you have to work hard on your own time to earn your grade. I really appreciate and respect the teachers here, because they show aspirations for what they do.
The school has seen a positive growth since new administration has come to our school. The community is amazing and we offer a lot for being such a small area. The community is extremely close knit and are largely like family to the students. My biggest issue was always with administration but the newest administrator is definitely beginning to pull us out of the black hole we were originally falling into.
Mayville High School has a very friendly environment. The teachers are all committed to student success in the long run.
My overall experience at Mayville high school has been great.
Some things could have been better.
The sports are okay; some are better than others.
The rules need changes applied to them.
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The parents are angry, the students are loud but sometimes angry, the teams do okay in their sports and the programs are better. Everything has improved but some more than others.
Most of the teachers are awesome. There are a few that let students get too out of control, but all of the teachers are willing to help when you need it. They all have different teaching styles, but every one of them is great.
We generally do not have many problems here, but when we do they get taken care of. Dress code is the most popular problem here.
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