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Maysville Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I went to this school from pre-k to graduating. I did not care too much for this school mainly because the faculty didnt seem to care for the students success unless they participated in sports
The teachers, i think, need to be more involved with their students and need to actually try to help the students who struggle.
There aren't very many class options and there aren't any honors classes.
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The school locks doors and has a sign in but otherwise isn't very protected.
There aren't very many clubs or organizations to get involved with at this school.
They don't have very many events besides athletic ones. I would not choose to attend this school again because they are not very excepting of those who are different from themselves.
Some of the teachers are amazing but most of them don't put in the work for their classes. Some of the teachers don't even know what they are teaching. Very few teachers will help you outside of the class room.
The new gym was built 50+ years ago and does not have enough airflow to stay comfortable. The whole county roots for our school teams because they are the only ones in the county.
The average workload of homework is about like every other school you would find.
The staff at my high school does not take the time to sit down and talk to you if you are struggling.
The guidance counselor is really amazing. He will stay after hours and help you get through something.
There are many activities and sports available and they make us try hard and keep us entertained
Food Service is good it just doesn't taste good.
Some teachers are really good at what they do others don't teach as well and don't help students as well.
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