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Harassment and bullying among students needs to be addressed properly by the principals. Academically though the school is excellent.
my experience with this school has changed my outlook on life for the better, I do not know if my future would be as bright had I not attended Maysville. the students are friendly, the staff dedicated, and the curriculum made easy to understand. without having this school in my life my future could have went a very different direction
My experience at Maysville High School has been amazing, I have made great friends that have stuck by me through it all. The teachers are amazing and treat you with the respect you deserve. I wish everyone could have a great high school experience as I did here at Maysville High.
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Maysville High School is a good school. They have good teachers and help you prepare for college. Most of the students are personable. It is a beautiful campus.
I've been a part of the maysville family ever since I started school. I liked most of my teachers, but some did not meet the standards to teach. The school lunch menu need to change in order for students to be fed properly. In my middle school years I've witnessed and found mold and bones in the school lunches, which made me scared to eat certain lunches.
What I like about Maysville is the offer of classes that they have. They offer many classes for college credit too. The sports are really good. It's a very safe school. We have a lot of different clubs, but do not do much with the school. Administration lacks instruction. Some teachers are easier than others, but overall they teach well and really care about kids.
Honestly, the school could be a bit better with hiring better coaches. Some of the coaches just don't put forth the required effort or doesn't care about the athletes family problems, other coaches on the other hand, treat their athletes like their kids.
Overall, the teachers are wonderful and will go out of their way to help students in any way possible. Most the teachers are approachable and will listen to your problems, but you well get a select few that just teach what they have to and don't really care about the students.
All the regular " stick and ball " sports are offered for both boys and girls at the school. Our school also has an Archery Program, that has won multiple state and national awards.
The school has a healthy mix of young fresh teachers, along with tenured teachers. We as parents have never had a problem with being able to meet with our sons teachers, or guidance councilors
The school send flyers and notices home quite frequently announcing safety, security, and health events at the school. They have a Sheriff's Deputy on campus every day as a school resource officer.
Our son has enjoyed attending school. He has had the opportunity to take College Plus courses, earning college credits while still in high school. He has been involved in Varsity Soccer, Student Gov't. and enjoyed Art classes. As parents, we are overall happy with our school district, both academically, and athletics.
I feel safe in my school and I am not afraid while going to class.
The extracurricular activities at my school are extensive, but none are larger than the sports teams. Not only do our sports teams have nearly 20-25 players per team, but they are very successful. The girls basketball team has seen significant runs in the tournament the past few years, the football team has made playoffs several times, and the softball team has made regional finals that last two years. Coming with this success is the extensive support provided by students and residents of the area who make it to all the games, cheering on the local heroes.
My favorite experiences of high school were spending my time with my teammates. Whether it be making jokes in the locker room before a dreaded practice or having emotional conversations on the way home from games, I enjoyed every minute I spent with my teammates. We may have fought with each other sometimes, but I knew I could always count on them to have my back. The time I spent with my teammates is an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life.
All the teachers at school are kind and considerate to their students. They never refuse to help a student in need, regardless of the situation or if it even was involved in school. All my teachers have extensive knowledge of their subjects and they engage students in a way that makes them want to learn, instead of forcing them. While maintaining respect in their classrooms, teachers become approachable to students, offering a shoulder to cry on or just someone to vent your frustrations on. I know the teachers at my school will always be there for me in whatever capacity I need.
Extracurricular opportunities exist but are not exceptionally effective or utilized. Unless it is sports related, it is not generally talked about.
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It is a small school with a family atmosphere. The teachers appear to care about their students and respect others opinions.
The school is great it has very nice facilities. They offer many college classes at the heigh school. You are also able to go to college full time while in high school or go to Mid East.
All in all it's a good school with awesome teachers.
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