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Maysville High School is an okay school. Most of the teachers really care about their students and want them to help achieve their goals.
Coming from a small school means clubs and organizations can have humble beginnings. I've been with the high school band for 6 years and I've seen the band grow from 9 members to 30 strong players that care about each other and their community. We have other strong organizations also; FFA, FCCLA, NHS, and Beta Club. They all try to be passionate and charitable to the students in the school. On one hand, they're aren't very many opportunities for high schoolers here that want to do more activities or take higher classes. To the contrary, having a smaller school makes me get to know everyone and know what they are like.
I wish teachers in our school gave more engaging lessons and more involved with the students they are teaching to. For the most part, they are all pretty friendly and affable.
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The cafeteria is offered but most people eat at the gas stations we have. All fried foods.
Maysville only has core classes and classes you need to graduate. Then their is agriculture education.
Certain sports are good and certain sports are not as good. Track is the best sport we have at maysville. I had gone to state my first year to try track. I participated in class A state track meet. My events were two mile relay and one mile relay.

The school I go to has no nurse and the lockers are not very safe. Our janitor is good but there are certain things we just don't have the money for it.
It is a small town and I know all my friends and grew up with my friends. The sports you don't try out and you will always be part of the team. The classroom's are small and their are not many students in your class so the teacher works with you one on one sometimes.
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