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Mays high school is great but the students there make my experience less enjoyable. Some are very disrespectul to staff and fellow students. Yes, I’m aware all schools have their faults. Mays in particular has an exceptional amount of students like this. If staff would get on them more about their actions, schooling would be much better.
It's a public school in America, so you know, its what you make of it. I'm just answering this survey for a scholarship because the pricing of college education in this country is completely idiotic but whatever I'm at the 100 character limit. I hope this is a luck of the draw type deal and they're not actually reading these things. Wish me luck!
My experience at Mays highschool was great! My senior year was the best! From pep rallys, field trips, and activities that went on through the year. Mays has one of the best principal's I've ever had, and I am proud to say I go to Mays High school
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My experience at Mays High School is beyond impeccable. The resources for early graduation is available for every student. Teachers and administration could be more tough on the students whom are easily distracted from the purpose of high school. The finishing touch to making the perfect school would be a better lunch.
I really liked my high school, Mays high. I loved the teachers, some of my classmates and the administration. The sport teams was good and classes was good. I never got to go to the new school that they was building while there was, but the old school has a lot of memory and history. I think they need to change they way they treat some of the students and cut down on violence.
Mays high school is a family. Of course there are problems and things that need to be fixed. In all that I see everyone actively working to improve the school’s environment and ability to teach kids.
My experience was a great one at Mays High School. They're tons of opportunities to take advantage of. The academic side of Mays could need a little more involvement, but overall academically Mays is very encouraging. the school gives you a sense of family.
At Mays high school, everyone was always like a big family. We all worked as a team when it came to academic learning. After the long work study's and after school work sessions, it all paid off at the end.
Mays high school was an extremely fun and learning high school years. There was ups and downs but the mays High teaching staff didn’t let you give up not one time in anything from sports to the classroom.Mays made you feel like you had a family when you walked in the building everyday.
My experience at Mays High School was bitter and sweet at the same time. The things I would like to see change at Mays High School, would be more students in class, teachers actually teaching and most of all greater test scores. Other than those small changes Benjamin E Mays is the best school APS has to offer. Go Raiders!
Overall, the school does not prepare you for the real world because so much time is spent disciplining children. This does not allow teachers to teach and do the bare minimum. It also limits what and how they teach. They will teach only to pass a test rather than for higher order.
I was a fairly quiet student at Mays, so the loud and "out there" atmosphere wasn't really for me. What I did enjoy was the fact that teachers there went out of their way to help students that showed that they wanted to learn and didn't let them fall off the wagon.
It's a family where you can feel safe and learn. The school lunch can be better. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The teachers are amazing. The principal is the best and fun.
It opens your eyes to more things and open your mind to more knowledge. Mays is a school that accept anyone and mold them into the best people they can be. Of course the road will get bumpy but theirs people there for that. The administrators are amazing. They are very helpful and makes sure NO CHILD gets left behind.
My experience at the illustrious Benjamin E. Mays was life changing. The school has its ups and downs as all things do but overall Mays made me the young man I am today. Mays offers a lot of opportunities for students to compete academically and become aware of life after high school. Mays sports programs are top of the line and are putting kids in institutions everywhere. The things I would like to see change is teaching to different types of learners, disciplines, and comfort of learning at school. Mays is just now arriving at its peak and is about to blow up and hopefully it will get the positive light it needs to prosper. Mays will continue to be the best high school APS has to offer.
I like the learning environment but I also think that there should be more interaction within the school. Everyone is really in their own bubble or clique. We should make sure that everyone is involved or has the chance to be involved in everything.
Love Mays. You can really grasp the school spirit. There's also tons of opportunities to take advantage of.
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I Love Mays High School, if you fail at Mays, it's because of yourself. The staff really helps you to get to where you need to be. Once you become a senior, if you have completed all major credits and handled your business you should be college ready. The teachers really make sure that you have learned and given you every tool that's needed.
I loved how the teachers are very encouraging yet demanding of their students to be better. We have our own greenhouse that we cultivate and use the produce for school lunch. The students /school should not be divided in academies so that one group feels more entitled than the other.
mays has prepared me for college and structured me to be the person i am today, the teachers are great with helping students to get ready for college
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