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Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School provides unique opportunities for students who have a strong interest in the sciences. Their Aquaculture and Advance courses prepare students for success in high school honors classes.
All we were told during the principal's welcome for incoming 6th graders was a lie. Student safety, inability of teachers to control the class- which results in less instruction time, few lunch choices, misguided expectation that student peer pressure will force unruly students to behave - which is not the student's job, substitutes that tell a class it is their fault the school can't find a permanent replacement, punishing an entire class for the actions of some - which again takes away from my child's learning time, and on and on and on. School bus drivers that have driven in the district for years have told me this school is the worst in the district. Parents of many former students of many ethnicities have told me this school is awful. Talking with administration falls on deaf ears. For a magnet school, I am especially appalled. Bullying, physical altercations, where does it end? Is this the new "norm"?
Administration is quick to put blame on everyone but themselves. The school is NOT safe, they fail tremendously in this area. They do not take parental concerns in regards to bullying seriously and tend to push it under the rug or cite Co. guidelines but never address the issue. My student was assaulted after months of bullying and NO help from school.
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Ms. McCray, the principle at the time that I attended Mayport, was amazing, and still is, I'm sure. She is strict, no-nonsense, and upright, but also caring and passionate. She really cares about her students, and has helped turn a lot of kids around. The education program overall, was not bad but not as good as some of the big Magnet schools like Landon. The teachers are for the most part good, a lot of them really care about the students and make an effort to provide the best possible education experience. I really loved my time at MMS and I am very thankful to the administrators and teachers for helping to shape me into the person that I am today. I would definitely recommend Mayport to anyone looking for a well-managed middle school!
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