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I like the teachers at Maypearl High School. One thing I would change at Maypearl High School is the acedemic program.
The schooling was okay i've met a few good teachers that kept me going and focused while others not so much, but you see that everywhere.
Maypearl is a great place to learn. I started going there in 8th grade and have never had a doubt. I came from a larger school and was shocked by how welcoming and friendly everyone was when I transferred. It is really a home and a great group of people. Knowing everyone’s name in your class and having every teacher know who you are is an amazing opportunity.
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I liked the fact that Maypearl high school is a small school. The fact that everyone in the school knows each other and can relate a relationship to one another. The teachers and principles know every kid and treat them with respect. I would like to see the dress code and academic readiness change for the future generations.
My experience at Maypearl High School was amazing. Because Maypearl is such a small school, I was able to participate in multiple organizations that shaped me to be the person I am today. The athletic and band program developed my work ethic and study skills. I would like to see more passion from certain teachers, but other than that I loved it.
Our teacher's seem to be less knowledgeable than in years past. Few are great and genuinely care about the student body, while some are simply there to make a quick buck.
I am in athletics and have participated in football and shot put and discus. While it is enjoyable the administration office hires a few coaches that don't understand what they're doing and try to justify it with nonsense they make up on the spot. Other than a few bad coaches there isn't anything to complain about.
This school has practically become my second home. With all of the friends I have made and the relationships that I have developed with the teachers has made high school an unforgettable experience. I would not want to do anything different if I had to do it all over again.
I really enjoy working with the teachers at Maypearl ISD. Almost all of the teachers work with students at the pace they need and will stay after school any day a student asks them to. I couldn't be more happy with te teaching staff here. My physics teacher let's us work hands on to learn about things about waves and electricity. The only problem I have with this school is the people the administration office chooses to hire. They hire incompetent coaches and principles that the students don't get along with so it creates some tension when problems occur. Overall I would say Maypearl is amazing but it does have its problems.
The oppurtunities presented in this school are outstanding.
This school is unique because it is small and godly.
The quality and teaching styles present in our school are excellent.
Our nurse is great. We are such a small school we have never had security or metal detectors. The minimum security is all that was needed and what they could afford.
Parents involved are usually the ones with kids in athletics. Not so much anything else.
With minimal resources, the teachers did an excellent job doing the best they could to help students excel.
Most the teachers are fairly okay. A few are really laid back, so you never learn anything. Even though it's an easy 100, it ends up messing you up later in life during college. I wished I had learned a bit more.
Most people in athletics are assholes
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We have very good coaches and the girls program goes to playoffs or advance in about every sport. The coaches are their if you have any problems. There is however a smidge of an attitude problem with some of the athletes.
they are overall pretty strict with dress code except they don't catch some people and for some reason its always the smaller shorter girls that never get caught.
We have gone through a lot of teachers at the school , but some have stayed a while. However, when a new teacher comes in they teach differently so it is harder to redirect my own learning process to theirs.
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